J is for Jewellery

For lack of other ideas, this week’s topic is on jewellery and other adornments, religious jewellery, and statuary jewellery, as each serve different purposes.

As far as religious jewellery goes, I’ve worn various pendants and necklaces over the years that hold some sort of religious significance. As a Kemetic pagan, I have gathered a number of ankhs, though I only wear one now. The others are used for other things. Other Kemetic symbols I have are Eyes, one of which is on my keys. It’s a protective amulet. I also wear a small thin feather that represents Ma’at, that sits next to the ankh I wear. They’re both silver.

Because I’ve been Kemetic for so long, I never bought a pentagram until last year. I had a small brass one that came with some sort of spell kit I bought several years ago, but that ended up as a charm sort of thing on my dissecting kit. I never wore it. But now I have a small silver pentagram that I wear on a long chain, so I can hide it under clothes if I need to. It’s just a bog standard silver pentagram, no trappings or other adornments. I like the simplicity of it, though it belies the complex meaning it holds for me.

The only other religious jewellery I wear these days is a St Michael pendant an old friend sent me some years ago. It’s not something I’d have bought myself; I’d have preferred Mary if I was picking one for myself. I pretty much just wear it for her, though if anyone sees me wearing it and, without the pentagram, assumes I’m Christian without actually asking me, I’m not going to dissuade them. Not my problem. If they ask, I’ll probably enlighten them, but I won’t bother most of the time.

Statuary jewellery refers to the ever-growing collection of necklaces and other things I use to adorn my statues. It’s a small reflection of how statues were treated back in ancient times, where they were dressed and adorned daily and offered food and incense. So I have small pendants and things that They’ve claimed, or have been offered to Them, that I can dress Them in.

When I was first starting out, I made all sorts of necklaces for all the Gods I was working with at the time. They weren’t very good, but I picked out little pendants and symbols that I could use and strung them together on coloured string with some beads. They were my first attempts at devotional jewellery, and while they weren’t very good, I never sensed anyone objected.

But I’ve moved on from those now. A while back, I decided I needed to revamp the statuary jewellery I had, and decided to get some better things for Them. So I put the old stuff away, and started collecting new things.

Sobek has the most, by a long stretch. Who’d have thought a crocodile would love shiny green things? So I have a lot of those. I also have a few shark teeth that He seems quite happy to have. They’re not croc ones, though I do have a crocodile skin/teeth wristband that I wear for Him though. Teeth pointing towards my hands to show I’m ready to strike.

Aset is very picky about Hers though. She wants decent quality stuff, so I have to save up to get Her anything good. Mostly, She has the best necklaces I have, the iron ore stuff (I think?) that adorns the statue of Her suckling Heru. It was part of a set I was given some years back, the bracelet of which was claimed by Bast almost as soon as I unwrapped it.

I also have a spear/arrow head on a leather cord that Yinepu-Wepwawet wears. I wear it when I need Their energies with me. My Yinepu statue also wears a long black cape, too. He’s the only one with actual ritual clothing. It was a blanket I made for one of my Grand Champions horses, but He nicked it and won’t give it back. The only way it could look more Reaperish is if it had a hood.

I’ve also got some other jewellery and necklaces I don’t use though. They were given to me over the years and no one’s claimed them, so they just sit in my nanna’s jewellery cabinet, which I inherited after her death. Maybe one day I’ll do something with them.

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    1. For me, it’s like taking care of Them. Making sure They look Their best. That’s how I see it anyway. I’m trying to get into the habit of cleaning my shrines once a month, and maybe I’ll take that time to redress and change any adornments too. And even though Sobek likes the shiny green things, the teeth remind me He is also called The Rager. I really need some things for Heru-sa though. I never could figure out what He might want.

  1. I loved reading this!

    A while ago shopping for crystals I’ve noticed a small polished smoky quartz pendant in a corner of the shop. It just screamed at me, Anubis wanted it. So I bought it and had the shopkeeper put it on a nice long cord and when I came home I offered it to Him. He was most pleased.
    After a while He decided He was done with it, so I ended up wearing it with an Indalo Man silver charm on a chain. I felt the energy shift in that pendant right away – while smoky quartz always struck me as grounding and focusing, this particular one was imbued with His protective energies.
    More recently Seth has been asking for a string of perfectly round garnet beads – something which I still have to get for Him.
    Perhaps I may be so bold as to make a suggestion? The pieces that haven’t been claimed yet – perhaps you could offer them to a charity shop or otherwise offer them to friends? Perhaps even for the sake of the Gods, if They approve of course?

    1. Well, some of the unclaimed chains came with the jewellery cabinet, iirc, and I think what I’d really like to do is take them all to a jeweller’s, when I’ve got some spare money, and have them made into something else. They’re not really my style, but as ancestral pieces, I’d like to keep them and do something else with them. Maybe so I can pass them on to my new baby niece when she’s older.

      Any others will, IDK. Hang about until I decide what to do with them. Maybe I’ll pass them on. I don’t know. It’s kind of not a huge priority right now, so I’m content to leave them where they are for now.

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