I just need to breathe

Life, hey? I’ve been seriously busy these past few weeks and it’s thrown out many of my plans for posting here. Kept drafting them and then deleting them, or being too tired to think about what to write at all. I don’t mind, of course, because surprise visits by my brother and his family are always great, even if they drain my introvert spoons quite a lot.

I mean, even today, I had wanted to spend most of it writing. Instead, I spent the morning building IKEA furniture, and then part of the afternoon organising and rearranging and putting things away and tidying and rearranging shrine things. I mean, srsly, I didn’t even get time to do my morning devotions, and I didn’t turn on my computer until 3pm. Go me!

I mean, it’s great, because things are much better organised now, and it was work that needed doing. But, man, I had a Hallowe’en fic due today(ish) that I need to finish, and that hasn’t happened yet. Brain needs time to settle before I can get around to that.

I had all these grand plans for a nice shiny dedicated launch of my Etsy shop, Shedety Scriptorium, but that hasn’t happened yet, because busy! and not enough brain to make it happen. But hey, there are a few things up there already, and I won’t complain if you buy them, either. :D? I still have a few things I need to add up there, too. Some I’ve taken photos of, others I still need to photograph. They haven’t gone up yet because, well, see above. But yes, I have a shop now, because scribe, and books, and prayer beads and whatnot. Plz go and take them off my hands so I have room to make moar things!

Under the cut:

– Sobek things

– All the shrine update photos etc.

I’m still feeling a bit hibernate-y, which might also be why I’ve not posted as much, but that feeling seems to be easing, so hopefully, I’ll get around to making some more posts now. Things are coming together, and settling down, and I feel like I’m beginning to emerge from a cocoon, which is nice.

Been talking to Sobek recently, after what’s seemed like a period of absence. I don’t think He’s actually been properly gone, because that’s not really His thing with me, but more … I think it’s space for me, because there has been a lot of mundane stuff going on, and stuff to do with other gods, and it’s His way of not overwhelming me with everything. So now that much of that has been dealt with, He’s come back. Which is nice. I’ve missed going to Bakhu in meditation and not seeing Him at all. Artemis and Hekate and Isis have kind of hijacked Bakhu, but I don’t mind. I really ought to do another post on Bakhu and its geography, because it’s developed a lot since I last posted about it. There are shrines and temples all over it now. XD

Sobek’s been outlining what He wants me to do next year, which is nice of Him. He wants me to start working on three books: one is a book on my particular practices and how I worship Sobek; the second is a book of myths about Him, and all the other new myths I’ve been writing; the third is that pesky Sobek devotional that I’ve been procrastinating on for years. I’m tempted to just do one myself for now, and see how that goes, and if there’s interest in a collaborative one after that, then to go ahead with that. Mostly so it doesn’t end up being 85% me, with a handful of other pieces. Because that would suck.

A book about my particular practices is going to be fun, though at least I feel like things have begun to settle down now. I feel like I spent the last decade gathering information, and building things up, and now that I’ve got something stable, it’s more about the deeper mysteries and connecting it all together. The structure’s there now, so now we turn to the details. So that’s nice. I’ve sometimes felt like my path, since 2010, has been one epic chaotic upheaval, so it’s nice to have things settled and resistant to change. I don’t think this is going to be the sort of book I can finish in a year, either, but I’ll at least begin outlining it, and working out how I want to put it together.

The myths will come together the easiest, since I’m about 2/3rds done with them. I still have a few more I need to write, but most of that will be gathering material and putting it together, rather than writing it all from scratch. I was tempted to restrict it just to the Heru retellings, but I think I’ll just throw in all my new myths as a complete set, after they’ve all had a good edit, and leave it at that. Then they’re all complete. I want to have them edited properly because many of them have been writing in one go, more or less, with little real editing, and while they are usually pretty good, I know there are probably places where I could tighten them up, and make them even betteror.

There are other hem-netjer-y things I want to talk about as well, but I think they deserve a separate post, as they are a bit long and complicated to talk about. It’s always been intwined with sacred D/s for me, and that’s also another reason why I’m reluctant to talk about it, even though the two make complete sense together. There are ruminations on collars and rituals and service and relationships that need more space and context to explore and explain that a paragraph in a monster post can’t really get across. So that’s for later.

It has also occurred to me that I haven’t ever posted a photo of my akhu shrine since I moved it from the top wall shelf above the main shrine to a shelf on the west wall. At least, I don’t think I have. And I moved it months ago, so, that’s pretty lax of me. Either way, this is what it looks like now:

Akhu shrine

You will see I now have three – yes, three! – canopic jars, all from different sets. I picked up Imsety at an op shop last week for, like, $4, along with a few other Egyptian things they had there. Now all I need is Qebesenuef, and I’ll have all four of them. I’ll probably do a proper post about this at some point, just so you can see ALL THE THINGS and what’s there, because otherwise this post will be +elebenty thousand words long. And I’m sure you have better things to do with your time than read my tl;dr posts about shrine things.

Also, the books you can see along the back are all by dead authors that I find awesome/inspiring/etc. It’s not the best set up for them, because of the shrine in front, but I don’t have the space to put them on a separate shelf.

I’ve also changed up the main shrine as well:

Main shrine

I decided to move the tree to the middle shelf, and set up the three Hallows there, with shrines to Nit and Isis on either side, so I could use the space between Sobek and Heru for festival set-ups. Right now it’s set up for the Coronation of Heru-sa-Aset that I’m going to start on Friday. I’ll do a proper post about that on that day, too. I set it up for this particular time as a complement to the Mysteries of Wesir, and for this year, I’m planning on writing the Contendings myth, day by day, as an offering to Heru. I haven’t decided if I’ll post each day’s writing here, or wait until it’s done and post it in one go, but we’ll see which Heru prefers.

I am currently doing first quarter libations to Isis, and last quarter libations to Nit, as well as noumenia rites for Hekate, and full moon rites for Artemis. In some ways, it’s a bit weird, because I have never been the sort of Pagan who did ALL THE MOON RITES BECAUSE GODDESS OMG, so to have my months organised by lunar cycles, and do most of my monthly rites on moon phases, I find quite amusing, but also something that seems to work for me. So that’s good.

Also, ngl, I am also considering buying this Sobek, because do you even know how hard it is to find statues of Sobek? And also, Sobek is Great of Strength, and it seems appropriate to have Buff Sobek. Also, they have reasonable shipping! #australianproblems I’m actually really glad I found that one, because I didn’t know there was a Sobek in that particular line of statues. I’ve been coveting the Isis one for years (because Age of Mythology Isis ftw), and maybe one day, I’ll buy Her, and the Heru to go with it, and have a complete set.

…Why, yes, I do have a Thing for my statues having a similar aesthetic.

You can also see the little shrine cabinet thingy I made for Hekate on the top right. I found it at an op shop; it was one of those little decorative boxes you hang on a wall to keep your keys in. But it’s just the right size for that icon of Hekate, and it lets me drape things over it in lovely way. I’ll do a proper post about this too, so you can see all the details, but it does have a serpent on each side as well as the designs on the front.

Also, I made a proper staff, which you can sort of see on the far right at the bottom tied against the bookshelf. It’s the red thing with the feathers on top, just under the white beaky mask. I have failed to take any decent photos of it, but it is lovely, and it is Woden’s, and it is as much a ~weapon~ as a magical thing. Because Woden. It has runes on it, and other things and a stylistic depiction of the World Tree. Because Woden.

This is the last thing I wanted to share. I’ve moved my Saxon shrine, because I decided the window sill was better used to hold all my art things instead. So I found a couple of spice racks at IKEA, and painted them, and now I have both a shrine for Wode, Kernunnos, and Thunor, and a little shrine thing for my not-Kemetic Druidry. It’s not the sort of space for ritual, more for prayer and meditation. I use my desk as a working altar when I need to do those kind of rituals. Observe some shiny shelves:

Shrine for Saxon gods, and druidry shrine

I bought a stag for Kermunnos. Found it at a Christmas shop in Mandurah. He was on sale, because he was a bit damaged, but he was the only one there, and he has holly and such on him, and no way was he getting left behind. <3 He came with the wreath around his neck, too, and he’s turned that way in particular because he also has ‘Happy Holiday’ engraved on his lower neck/shoulder area, and, well, that’s kind of not really relevant. But still, stag! For Kernunnos! Yay! 😀

I also have another little wall shelf thingo I found at the op shop for, like, $10, that I’m going to paint up and use to house my lararium et al, so I can do mebbe weekly offerings there? IDK. But shrines only get used, by me, when they’re at the right height to reach them, so. That will help with that. I think my tarot cards et al and other assorted books might end up on that top shelf, but we’ll see once the shelf is painted and hung.

Anyway. This post is nearly 2k words long, and it’s nearly dinner time, so I might leave this here for now, and come back later to post moar things. Maybe tidy up some more pages that need rewriting or reorganising. Because web site maintenance is a Thing.

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