I finally found a naos!

Sure, it needs a bit of work, but that's where it's going. It's the perfect size and shape for that spot.
Sure, it needs a bit of work, but that’s where it’s going. It’s the perfect size and shape for that spot.

I have to admit, I’ve been consciously, and unconsciously, looking for the right naos for many, many years now. I tried lots of different things, and looked at many different boxes/cabinets, but nothing ever really felt like it was the right thing. I looked at new cabinets, a specially built naos, building one myself, and kept looking at every single wall cabinet/box/shelf/etc I found at op shops, just in case I found one that would work. And today, I finally found that box. 😀

It cost me $15 at one of the local Salvos stores (we have a few near us), and yes, it needs some work. One of the drawers broke, though only to the extent that all I needed to do was glue it back together this afternoon. I also need to give it another clean to get rid of all the dust, and see if I can get the middle shelf out. It also needs a little something on the base to stabilise it, since I want it to be free-standing, not balanced for hanging on a wall, so I can open and close the doors without having to hold it steady. Then it’ll be painted; black, with gold glyphs etc. Maybe some copper. Then a final gloss varnish. I’m hoping to have it done for Wep Ronpet in a few weeks’ time.

And, yeah, the doors aren’t solid, but I like that. Also, you can’t really tell from the angle, but it’s only about 6.5cm/2.5in deep. It’s really narrow. But since the shrine space I have is limited, the less I have on there, the better, so I’ve got more room to work. Sure, I can’t fit big statues in it, but the statues aren’t the important thing. I can paint a proper Sobek/Heru Shedety thing on the back that would cost more than I have to commission someone to make into a statue. Something that’s peticular to my gods and how I see Them. That, to me, is more important than statues.

So yeah. I have a naos to customise now. Woo! This is gonna be fun. I’m going to enjoy bringing this thing to life, since it looked so sad and unloved in the shop. It was dusty, and there were a few stray cobwebs, and yeah, a drawer was broken. 🙁 But it’s otherwise sound and solid, and now it is my naos. 😀

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