I am terrible at updates

I really have been meaning to post sooner than now, since I last posted in July, but hey, I got a job, and now I’m working full time, and there is very little brain left for srs updates. Also not enough time to work on Etsy stuff, either, but while I’m working, it’s not really as big a priority as it was before. I do have some prayer beads to do, and I have some boxes to paint, but other than that, I’m letting it sit for now while I slowly make some more stuff.

I had drafted a long and rambly post a couple of days ago covering all the stuff that’s been going on lately, but it just felt too long and disjointed. I don’t like doing posts like that though, because it just ends up info dumping, and then I just do it again three months later, and I’d rather have more focussed posts for people to dig into. I’d rather break these up into separate posts, just so it’s easier to follow. I think this will probably be more of the mundane stuff, and then I’ll do separate posts on Hermes and Hekate, and other religious things I need to talk about.

So. Firstly, happy Equinox! I still need to do something, but that’s pencilled in for tomorrow. It’ll probably be quite basic, but I have some ideas in mind. I think I’ll actually do this one for the Greek gods, because then at least I can write that up for my DP stuff already, and stop procrastinating on it. I would’ve done the last High Day, back in August, but I spent that day travelling, because I was going away with family for four days, so that never got celebrated.

That was the first trip in a long time where I did actually bring a travel shrine with me, since I wasn’t going to just skip four days of rituals. I’d been preparing for travel for months beforehand, because I knew it was coming up, so I’d already re-written all my (then) current rituals out so that all I needed was water. I did actually bring matches, tea lights, and incense with me, though, just because I didn’t know if I’d get a chance to use them or not. I got lucky, actually, and I was able to have a room to myself, and a windowsill to put my shrine on, so I could burn my incense and let the smoke drift out through the open window.

Travel shrine, August 2015
Quality’s not great, but you get the idea. The little square clay thing is a votive offering table. Otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward. Prayer beads for each, stones associated with each, and a pentacle, statues, and candles. Dishes used for libations, and my incense burner, are right off on each edge. There was nothing significant in the choice of altar cloth; it was the first thing I grabbed that seemed to work well, so I used it. Not sure I’d use it again, but it did the trick.


Got a north facing house, and my window luckily faced north, so even the directions were accurate. XD /directional pedant. But yeah, I kept the shrine simple, and at least I was able to keep my door closed all the time, because there were tiny children running around. I almost didn’t take statues with me at all, but I wanted something that had been in the naos, and the box I decided to take was big enough for them to fit into, so I took them with me.

And it worked well enough for its purposes. I wasn’t sure how well it would compare to what I normally do, and how well the energy would transfer from my main shrine to a windowsill, but there’s something in stripping it all back to the bare essentials that reminds you of what’s really important, and it’s not having All The Things. There’s a simple beauty in just being, with the morning sun coming in, with nothing but my prayer beads, some incense, and candles, and my voice to sing in Heru’s welcome.

It was actually really nice to get away for a few days. It’s been a long time since I had a proper holiday, so spending four days with my parents, and my brother’s family, and one of my aunts, was actually really cool. We went to Busselton, and the weather was really nice, albeit rather cold, at least in the mornings.

At least I was able to come home to a job, because hey, contract extensions ftw. 😀 After so long without a job, it’s nice to be earning money again. And good money, too. I’ve got another extension until the end of October, and I have to admit to doing a bit of magic to ask Hermes to help me keep this job because it is rad, and I like it a lot. I’m technically only a temp replacement at the moment, three months down the track, but I’ve got through what’s probably the busiest time of the year and I didn’t get stressed, and I didn’t get sick, even though half my office were sick as bloody dogs for what felt like months, so. I figure that’s some sort of achievement.

The op shop work is still going. I love that little shop. I could do without some of the drama from certain volunteers who work on other days when I’m not there, but tbh, it’s not my problem, and I don’t really care that much. As long as I can keep my days, and my volunteers, I don’t care what happens to the rest of them. I won’t go into details, as this is a public blog, but suffice it to say, I go away for two weeks, and there is a srs amount of miscommunication going on, and some srs rudeness to my volunteers, and I actually did an impromptu purification ritual on Wednesday evening during my nightly devotions because I needed to get rid of all that crap. Should’ve checked for frankincense oil, which I’d run out of, but I got some the next day, and an anointing of that finished it off. I feel much better now. I’d really love to just incense the fuck out of the shop when I get in on Tuesday, but I don’t think that would go down well, so instead, I’ve put together a little bag of herbs and crystals and I’ll hide them somewhere for a week or so and then throw them out, just to try to clear the air somewhat. It’s currently outside, sitting under the moonlight, with another couple of protection bags I made for some friends who are travelling atm. I mean, it’s not quite a full moon yet, but it’s still big enough to make an impact nonetheless.

But I think that’s about all for now, I’ll be back later with other posts, once I get them written. Got some stuff going on with Hermes atm that I want to talk about, and Hekate is kick-starting my magical stuff in a big way, which I wasn’t quite expecting. But then it’s basically Hellenic Gods right now, so this isn’t really surprising. But that’s all for another post, so for now, I’ll leave this here. I hope you’re all doing well, and life’s treating you kindly. <3

3 thoughts on “I am terrible at updates

  1. Your travel altar experience sounds lovely. Simple and sincere at the same time.
    Pity about the unfortunate happenings at the Op Shop. It takes all kinds of people, etc. etc., but still. I hope it settles down. Looking forward to learning more about your work with the Greek deities.

    1. Yeah, I think I put it together quite well, considering I felt I was quite out of practice. But it worked really well, and I’m happy with that.

      Ehhhh, the op shop stuff is so much down to miscommunication, and lack of communication, and not necessarily people being dicks, so. But I’m hoping it’ll settle down soon, once all the teething problems with this new program are gone.

      I’ve got a DP blog for my druidry stuff over at starfirerivertree.wordpress.com, if you want to follow along with that. I’ll post some stuff here, of course, but that’s also where the druidry stuff is going, for now.

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