Hymns for Sobek and Heru

I’ve started keeping a little 6inx8in sketchbook as a devotional art/prayer book thing for Heru and Sobek. It’s a smaller Strathmore journal, like the one I’m using for my epic big calendar thing, though it’s just bog standard sketching paper rather than Bristol board. I picked it over other journals because the cover has a pattern on it that reminds me of crocodile skin. It seemed appropriate. 😛

Art had been pouring out of me lately, as well as writing, so I’m taking this as a good sign that the Muses have been about lately, giving me Their gifts. That, and I’ve finally got over the burnout from writing ~60k that Harlequin fic in three weeks back in April or sommat. o.O? *collapses* Or, IDK, perhaps doing all those SDF rites has awoken up all my artistic creativity or something? *MAKES ALL THE ARTZ!*

But that’s for another post, I think. It’s a bit late to get a couple of pages scanned in, but I’ve filled about fourteen pages in about a week, with both art and writings. Been pondering Solstice!Heru as well, and getting some Heruakhety vibes. I’ve been connecting better with Heru lately, as well, since I was going to honour Him at Solstice and whatnot. Like, actually feeling Heru’s presence, slight and subtle that it is. More than once. And knowing it’s really Him. It’s like I finally found the right frequency, and He’s been coming in strong at last. So clearly I’m getting somewhere!

(I feel like I should make some sort of snide comment about how this wouldn’t be a problem if there weren’t +ELEBENTY different Herus to deal with, but…)

It took me a while to figure out I’ve been channelling Heruakhety, though. I mean, I’ve been drawing falcons and the Two Horizons for days. I might’ve paid attention to that and discovered that sooner. The Akhety connection is weirdly making sense, though. Not in a ‘this is who I’m dealing with’ kind of way, but more as a reflection/point of reference for how Sobek and Heru are with me, at least in Their Celestial Twins guise. Like, my Sobek and Heru are intrinsically tied together. They are inseparable (and yet, separate.) There are things about Heruakhety as a title/epithet/role that resonate with me in a way I can’t really explain (just yet?). I’ll come back to this when I have something more concrete to say about it.

I have thoughts on dualities, Sobek/Heru, Wesir-Ra, and other assorted things to write about at some point, too, when I can get them to a point where I can write about them coherently. They’re still a confusing mess in my head right now.

But hey, finally beginning to get Heru! At last! After IDK seven years! 😀 *dances*

Also, I wrote a couple of hymns tonight, too, referencing Heru as the morning star in the East, and Sobek as the evening star in the West. Not canon (probably), but I think I might begin using it as a daily devotional for Them. I’ll add them to the hymn section tomorrow, but for now, I’ll add them below, sans the colourful art I made for Them. I’ll have to scan/photograph some of the book pages tomorrow, so you can see how ~pretty it is. (No, srsly, I’m very proud of it.)

A Hymn to the Morning Star
Hail to the morning star,
Heru of the Eastern Skies,
Great Falcon,
You who carries Ra on your back as the Day Boat,
Bring forth Kheper-Ra from the Duat.
Let me see His shining face.
Let me feel His brilliant radiance upon my body.
Let me sing praises to You,
Morning Star,
Heru of the East,
Bright Soaring Falcon
Who bears Ra into the sky.

A Hymn to the Evening Star
Hail to the Evening Star,
Sobek, Lord of Bakhu,
Wanderer, Mysterious One,
You navigate the waters like no other,
Carrying Wesir safely on Your back as the Night Boat.
Protect Him, Great One, from the terrors of the Duat.
Shine, Bright One, and illuminate the darkness.
Bring to us now His beautiful face,
Bathe Him in Ra’s golden light.
Great Crocodile, who comes forth from the marshes,
Let me see Your face,
Let me bathe in Your radiance,
Let me sing praises to You who carries Wesir as the Night Boat.

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