Hekate’s Deipnon, February 11, 2021

Offerings to Hekate on the deipnon.

So it occurred to me that perhaps I ought to start posting my lil youtube vids over here for you all to see, in case you don’t know that I post shrine videos over there. They’re nothing substantial, just short little videos of my shrines post-ritual, but it’s a good record of my practice for me.

The above video is from my last deipnon/dark moon ritual for Hekate. Offerings were a sesame seed, lavendar, and rose petal mix, some rum, and also another plate of rose petals. I’ve moved my Hellenic shrine to the north side of my room, if only so I have more space for rituals, and so I can use my desk for writing and to keep my books close.

I may do more with these posts in the future, and I should maybe do another one about my grimoires perhaps, but we’ll see. <3

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