Heka: Isis-Renenutet’s Prosperity Box

I hadn’t planned to create something like this when I sat down on Saturday afternoon at my computer. All I did was ponder doing another job/money spell, since I’m between jobs at the moment, and also out of jars for jar spells, and, well. This happened. It was originally Isis’, and I have to admit I did imagine Isis from the Age of Mythology games ~empowering my box with golden light~ to increase your gold collection rate (hence, you get more prosperity omg). I blame that for the GOLD theme.

But as I’ve been diving deeper into Sobek’s Faiyum thing, and Sobek and Renenutet’s temple in Dja, well. I’ve been pondering Isis-Renenutet, and this wasn’t helped by this particular statue of … Hathor/Isis?/idk … with a cobra on Her arm (see the top statue on this page. Yeah. That one.), much like the image of Her I saw in a dream some time ago (except in battle gear, not a winged dress):

Isis smiting art draft

I have srsly lost the ability to tell with any sort of accuracy whether any ‘Egyptian Goddess With Solar Disk And Horns’ statue is actually Hathor or Isis, and generally just go with who it seems to look like. And that statue reminds me of Isis-Renenutet. Also, I came across a reference to Hekate having a serpent on Her left arm too, so. /Isis-Hekate anyone? /serpents everywhere wtf.  Alsoalso, can I stop dreaming of statues that then become real I don’t have enough room for them all nor the money to waste on them. D:

Which is why this ended up being Isis-Renenutet, and not just Isis. Anyway. tl;dr I made a thing and did some heka and in the interests of sharing the prosperity, Imma share it with you. Because it seems to have worked so far, and idk the more the merrier, etc. IDK. Also, I always do ritual purifications before heka rites, but that’s just my thing idk. Hopefully, someone will find this useful idk, but let me know if you have any success with it.

Heka: Isis-Renenutet’s Prosperity Box
A prosperity spell that can be used as a money spell, or as a more general prosperity spell, invoking the goddess Isis-Renenutet. Renenutet has associations with prosperity and the harvest, and was also historically connected with Isis as the Divine Mother, so She seems like a useful aid to this magic.

The box is designed to increase what you desire to increase, and to grow a bountiful crop that can then be harvested. This isn’t a sealed box spell, but one you will keep adding to as you work the magic. It needs to be fed regularly, just like any seeds you plant in the ground. This is definitely a ‘reap what you sow’ sort of spell, so keep that in mind as you decide what sort of prosperity you want.

To Make The Box:
1) Find a box. Any box will do. It should be the right size to sit on your shrine or altar, where it can be tended.
2) Make your box gold, if it isn’t already gold. Paint it, cover it with paper, gild it, use spray paint, decoupage, whatever you like. Just make it gold.
3) For the lid, you will need to make an image of Isis-Renenutet; either paint it or draw it on a separate piece of paper, or paint onto the lid. If making it separately, glue or otherwise attach it to the lid once you are finished.
Draw Isis on top of the hieroglyph for gold. Her dress should be green, and Her skin silver or black. Gold should accent the rest. She should be carrying the ankh over Her arm, and in Her right hand, She carries an ankh-djed-was sceptre (which I have drawn on my own box very badly), and in Her left, a lotus sceptre. A cobra should be winding its way around Her right arm. Renenutet’s headgear is the solar disk and horns with the double plumes, if you want to add that to the cobra’s head.

This is my actual box, with the image drawn free hand, which is better than I thought it would be, so there’s that. The two references images I used are posted below. Aim for something like this, at any rate. It’s a bit dodgy, and the lighting is terrible I am sorry about that, but it seems to have done the job.

Here are the two reference images I used to draw mine. Feel free to trace or photoshop or whatever to get the image you want for this.

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4) On the underside of the lid, glue another piece of paper, cut to size, that you can write on. This is where you will write what you want to grow.
5) You can varnish or seal or protect your box, or finish with any other decorations. You could add the ankh-udja-seneb glyphs, or other glyphs, sigils, or symbols for what you want to grow. This extra decoration isn’t necessary, but do what you feel called to do. At its most basic, all you need is the image of Isis-Renenutet, the paper under the lid, and that whatever container you choose needs to be gold.
6) You could adapt this for a potted plant, and make the pot gold, with the image of Isis-Renenutet on the side. The image of Wesir would then go in the base of the pot, or underneath the seeds that you wish to plant. You’d then tend to the seeds and plants as they grow to make your spell prosper.

Items Needed:
1) Your prosperity box, painted gold, and with Isis-Renenutet on the outside of the lid, and paper on the inner side of the lid.
2) Something to represent what it is you want to grow.
3) Things that represent abundance and prosperity (optional, but useful for setting the mood)
4) A statue or image of Isis and/or Renenutet
5) The altar should be dressed in gold and black and green, the colours of prosperity, abundance, and growth. Blue may also be used to signify the life-giving Nile flood.
6) A ritual knife or wand to set the space; I use a knife, because I find it more effective, but if you work better with wands, use a wand.
7) Natron and water for purifications
8) A pencil, pen, or other writing tool (your choice of writing tool should reflect whether you are going to reuse the box later for another prosperity spell)
9) Incense
10) Bell
11) Seeds or grains.
12) An image or statue of Wesir that will fit in your box. This can simply be His name written in glyphs on a piece of paper, if that’s what works best.

Ritual Purifications:
If you have your own preferred method of ritual purification, please feel free to use those to prepare for the heka rite. Otherwise, here’s a short one you can use that will do the job.

Bless ten grains of natron (or salt, if you don’t have natron) with the words:
My natron is the natron of the Netjeru
May it purify me of all that is impure

Say the following over a bowl of water:
My water is the water of the Netjeru.
May it purify me and wash away all illness

Mix the two together, and then use it to mix to rinse out your mouth, wash your hands, and clean all other orifices of the body. Proceed to bathe or shower as appropriate so you are physically as well as spiritually clean.

Once you are dressed and clean, and ready to go before shrine, state:
I have bathed in the pure waters,
I have clothed myself in white linen,
I have eaten the natron of the Netjeru,
I bathe myself in your scent,
that I may be purified.

The Ritual:
Ring bell eight times.

Encircle the space. Face each direction, and use the knife/wand to point at the direction indicated:
I am Isis, Great of Magic, who brings the flood.
Come to me, O gods, to the one who knows the secret name of Ra.
O you gods in the north, my heka is the heka of Ra, my heka encircles you.
O you gods in the south, my heka is the heka of Wesir, my heka encircles you.
O you gods in the east, my heka is the heka of Heru, my heka encircles you.
O you gods in the west, my heka is the heka of Sobek, my heka encircles you.
O you gods in the heavens, my heka is the heka of Nut, my heka encircles you.
O you gods on the earth, my heka is the heka of Geb, my heka encircles you.
Lend me your magic as you guard this space.
May it be pure, may it be pure, may it be pure. may it be pure.

I like to keep circling, following the passage of the sun (east to west/anticlockwise) with perhaps some adlib chanting (‘My heka encircles you’ is always good) to build the circle into something solid, but this isn’t necessary.

Offer flame to each direction:
Receive the light, o gods of the north/south/east/west/heavens/earth, receive the light. Come to the shrine, o gods, and receive the light.

Offer incense to each direction:
Sweet is the incense on the flame, o gods of the north/south/east/west/heavens/earth, sweet is the incense on the flame.
Come to the shrine, o gods, come to the shrine.
Sweet is the incense on the flame.

Ring bell eight times.

Invoke Isis-Renenutet:
I am Isis- Sopdet, Who rises with the flood.
I am Isis-Renenutet, Who brings forth abundance from the land,
I am the nourisher, whose milk is sweet,
Who brings all good things to those who come to me.
I will make the Nile swell for you,
without there being a year of lack and exhaustion in the whole land,
so the plants will flourish, bending under their fruit.
The land of Egypt is beginning to stir again,
the shores are shining wonderfully,
and wealth and well-being dwell with them,
as it had been before.
I am Isis, mother of the gods,
From whom all abundance comes.
I am Weret-Hekau, Mehet-Weret,
Isis-Sopdet, Who makes the Nile flood.
I am Renenutet, who brings forth the harvest,
The Lady of the Granaries,
Who gives all power to the land to prosper.
Come, come to me, children,
I will give you life,
I will nourish you as you nourish me,
Come, come to me,
I am Isis-Renenutet and all prosperity comes from me.

Blessing the box:
As Wesir brings forth life from His body,
So shall this box bring forth life into abundance.
You are Wesir, Lord of the Grains,
Lord of Life and the Black Land,
Who gives life and prosperity to the Two Lands.
Isis gives life to this box, to the body of Wesir,
From whom the Two Lands blossoms.

Place the image of Wesir in the box, and place the seeds on top of Him. Then, write on the lid of the box what you wish to bring to you. Specify the type/s of prosperity you wish to bring to you, whether it’s money, good health, success, luck, abundance, creativity, etc, and any specific goals you want to meet. This is much more effective when you are specific, rather than just asking for good health or prosperity. Consider the words you will use, and what you want to bring forth. As you write what you want, name it aloud, and see it coming to fruition.

Setting the box:
Renenutet, the nourisher,
Isis, the Lady of the Flood,
May everything in this box flourish and grow
As Wesir makes the Two Lands flourish and grow.
As Renenutet nourishes the land,
As Isis gives Her sweet milk.
May all prosperity come to me,
To all that I place in this box.
May it grow, may it grow,
May it grow, may it grow.
May I grow in abundance as this box grows,
As Wesir grows, as Sobek brings the black land to life.

Bless each item that will go into the box through the incense and the flame. Sprinkle with natron, if desired and if it won’t damage the item. You can also anoint them with oil.

As you hold each item in your hands, imagine it in abundance, bringing forth your will into being. Imagine the box overflowing with prosperity. Imagine all your goals coming into fruition. Imagine gold light filling the box, and empowering each item you place in there. Empower the box in whatever way works best for you.

If you like, you can name each item, and what you want it to achieve/symbolise, and empower it through naming as well as through the energy you give it.

Once the box has been set with the items you want it to have, repeat the setting spell to seal the box:
Renenutet, the nourisher,
Isis, the Lady of the Flood,
May everything in this box flourish and grow
As Wesir makes the Two Lands flourish and grow.
As Renenutet nourishes the land,
As Isis gives Her sweet milk.
May all prosperity come to me,
To all that I place in this box.
May it grow, may it grow,
May it grow, may it grow.
May I grow in abundance as this box grows,
As Wesir grows, as Sobek brings the black land to life.

You can seal it further by tracing symbols with incense or with your finger over the box, things that symbolise what you want to grow.

When you are ready to end the rite, take up your knife/wand, and undo the encirling.
I am Isis, who commands the flood with Her heka.
I am Renenutet, who nourishes the Two Lands.
All prosperity is come to this place,
As Isis speaks Her heka,
As Renenutet speaks Her Heka.
The heka I have spoken be upon the world.
The heka I have cast shall not be undone.
O gods in the cosmos, bear witness to my heka,
and lend it your power, that it might reverberate throughout the universe.

O you gods on the earth, be released! The heka of Nut releases you!
O you gods in the Heavens, be released! The heka of Geb releases you!
O you gods in the west, be released! The heka of Sobek releases you!
O you gods in the east, be released! The heka of Heru releases you!
O you gods in the south, be released! The heka of Wesir releases you!
O you gods in the north, be released! The heka of Ra releases you!
I thank you for lending me your magic, and for guarding this space.
Go in peace, O gods, that we might make magic together again.

Ring bell eight times to finish.

It is done in this way for millions of years.

Care and Tending Of Your Box:
The box should sit on your shrine for four days before you take anything from it. You can also keep your wallet on top of it, or inside of it overnight, if you want to lend it some of its power if you are asking for money. You can add to it during those four days, but nothing should be removed.

It should be fed regularly with what you’re trying to grow. I made this heka with a money spell in mind, so I’m feeding mine spare change, and any cash I have spare. I also keep my wallet on top of the box overnight, or when I’m not using it, to lend it some of that prosperity energy that I can take with me outside, and to also keep a lid on my spending by reminding me that I’m trying to grow what I have, not waste it.

But this can be used for anything that you’re trying to grow to harvest, such as money, general health or wellbeing, creative projects, business growth, that sort of thing. Basically, whatever you’re trying to grow, you should feed something that shows you working towards it into the box. You can empower them before you put them in, if you like, or make an offering of them during your daily rituals. Whatever helps you keep working at your goals and growing your prosperity. Heka works when you work, so prove you’re keeping up your end of the bargain.

This heka can be repeated as often as is necessary for your goals to come into being. You can do this for a month-long goal, and redo it the next month, or set it for a year, or however long you need it to run. You can reuse the same box, if your goals are the same. If you plan to use it for different things, and you plan to reuse it, you may want to write your plans in pencil, so you can easily erase them when you want to reuse it for a different sort of prosperity. Otherwise, you can just make another box.

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