Hail to the Children of Nut and Geb! (And to Sobek!)

From left to right: Sobek, Wesir, Heru-Wer, Set, Aset, and Nebtbet. And yes, I know Sobek isn't meant to be there, but He saw shiny green things and demanded something of His own.
From left to right: Sobek, Wesir, Heru-Wer, Set, Aset, and Nebtbet. Apologies for Dodgy-As-Fuck picture. I need a better camera. And a tripod. 🙁

It’s nearly Wep Ronpet according to my calendar, which caught me by surprise. I missed Wesir’s birthday completely and had to make up for it the next day when I honoured Heru-Wer. It’s been good, though. This week has felt really busy because of this, and because I’m gearing up for another Sabbat-y thing in February that is not going to be either Imbolc or Lammas but something else I haven’t thought of yet that might just end up being ‘OH HAI HESTIA ILY’ with appropriate offerings and FIRE. Or something. /slacker Pagan strikes again.

BUT ANYWAY WEP RONPET Y HALO THAR. Will have to go out tomorrow to get Supplies! Once I work out what those supplies are. And write rituals! And then I can fucking rest for a while. But I will enjoy this anyway, because Wep Ronpet! Hestia! Zep Tepi! Bwee! The light of Ra is everywhere right now and it makes me happyhappyhappy. 😀

Anyway. So I had these five candles on my top shrine for the Children of Nut and Geb, but had no way of marking them, and not just because it has been Period Tiem! and I have been reluctant to touch my icons to move them. (That, and I don’t have a little statue for Heru-Wer like I do for the others! D:) But it’s over now, so I decided to spend the afternoon making little beady thingos to go with each of the candles to mark which one is which. I don’t do it very often, and it always takes me a while to remember the best way to thread and tie things off properly. I want to do more of it, though. It’s a creative thing I can do that doesn’t make me feel completely incompetent by the time I’m done.

You will notice there is a sneaky green one at the far left there. Take a guess at which shiny green-loving God decided He wanted one of His own when I got the jewellery making things and the shiny beads out. 😛 His is made from jade, turquoise, moonstone, and some other light green beads I found in a little compartment.

Wesir’s is made from moonstone, and it has a few tiger eye chips in it to represent Aset.

Heru-Wer’s is tiger eye and turquoise, with a shark tooth there (because it is sharp and dangerous, not because Heru-Wer is a shark). I wanted it to be different to the one I made for Heru-sa-Aset ages ago, which is all tiger eye, which is why the turquoise is there, and the shark tooth.

I kinda mucked Set’s up, but He likes it, I think. Got a gruff nod of approval, anyway. I figured I couldn’t go too wrong with a random assortment of red beads. I wanted to do one with gemstones though, so I’m going to go out and look for some nice red gemstone beads to make Him something else as well.

I wanted Aset’s and Nebthet’s to be kinda mirror images? Aset’s is mostly rose quartz (because it’s light and shiny!), with Wesir’s moonstone, some turquoise, and tiger eye surrounded by Nebthet’s amethyst beads (because it is a good dark contrast for the rose quartz). Nebthet’s is the opposite: mostly amethyst, with Wesir’s moonstone, some turquoise, and tiger eye surrounded by Aset’s rose quartz.

And now I am completely out of tiger eye, almost out of amethyst, and have too many green beads that will probably end up as Sobek’s in one form or another. Actually, I have some fluorite that is green&purple I might mix up with some green and maybe some tiger eye or something else for Heru-sa and make a Sobek&Heru-sa one.

So yes, at least I feel productive now, even if my neck hurts a little and my eyes hurt and my back is fucked and I need to go for a walk. But done! They might not be perfect, but they are done. And I am happy, and the Gods are happy.

Maybe when February turns up, I will have a spare five minutes to work on rituals and other things. And read through all those articles I found last night and start writing things up. Have Thinky Thoughts on how to do household things in a Kemetic way for modern people, but it needs time to cure. But that’s for later. When my head does not hurt. /ow.

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