Ganesha, Djehuty, and Wepwawet Shrine

Ganesha, Djehuty and Wepwawet Shrine
Ibis, elephant, elephant, elephant, jackal.

It’s just an eclectic devotional shrine at the moment, because I have nothing with which to do puja, but I accidentally a mala (it has 108 beads at any rate, even if they’re not all the same), so I can at least start learning how to recite mantras with it. I picked up the central Ganesha icon today because I went into a store and He wanted to come home with me. This is the story of every Ganesha icon I own. All of them are also slightly broken/damaged too. Not sure what that says about me.

I’ve had Djehuty and Ganesha hanging out together all over my room for years, and it’s like it’s finally reached the point where, along with Wepwa (who I always felt was there too), They want Their own proper dedicated space.

The first Ganesha icon (second from left) I picked up at the zoo over a decade ago. I can’t even remember when or why, just that it was there and I had to have it so it came home with me. All I remember is that I was a teenager at the time. Can’t remember how old. Djehuty I got for Christmas a few years ago. The Ganesha and Wepwa on the right I picked up over the past year or so. And the last Ganesha in the middle I got today.

…Did I have Ganesha before I bought my first Isis statue? I know I got Her when I was 17, because I used Her in my year 12 Italian oral, and that was the first year I properly began studying Paganism. But I’d encountered Hinduism a couple of years earlier for an RE project, so. (We had to pick one of the Big Five religions and compare it with Christianity. Of course I picked the only polytheistic religion on the list.)

At the very least, they’re the first two pagan Deity statues I ever owned, so that will do. Perhaps Ganesha’s always been there, and it just took me a while to notice. Perhaps I was always meant to make Him a shrine. It just took a long time to get there.

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  1. ‘All of them are also slightly broken/damaged too. Not sure what that says about me.’
    My instinct tells me you’re a person who notices and cares for things/issues most people don’t notice or care for 🙂

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