Full Moon Rites

I must admit to being a bit lazy when it comes to these. I had intended to do them for Hekate, but I haven’t been able to find any rituals that gel with me enough to commit to doing them on a monthly basis. Aset doesn’t want them, either, because I get Her as more stellar than lunar. So I’ve spent a long time feeling at a loss about what to do on the full moon. The new moon is Hekate’s, and that won’t change, because I like marking the end/beginning of the lunar month with Her rites. It’s just always felt awkward doing rites for Her at the full moon.

But I think I’ll use them for Sobek, instead. Meditations, and other sorts of internal things. Well, if He will keep pestering me about Bakhu, I might as well just give in and see where it takes me. I want to do some illustrations of the place I see, just so I can have a visual map of the place. I’m sure it’s just my Bakhu, and that anyone else going there would see something else, but Sobek thinks this is important, so I might as well do some travels and meditations, and make some drawings, and see what mysteries Bakhu holds.

I’ve also just bought this table thing from Ikea. I’m in the process of getting my room redone (repainted, new floors, new furniture, etc), and I’ve taken the opportunity to rethink where and how I want to have my shrines. So that table’s going to be the centrepiece along the northern wall, and there’ll be wall shelves and other things for the other gods in my life. Hekate will have the bottom part of that table, and Sobek and Heru will have the top, so I canĀ finally have Them both properly oriented, with Sobek in the West, and Heru in the East.

I have plans to paint that table, oh yes I do. Black, with gold and red. And perhaps some Egyptian motifs, if I can figure out how to do them. I have half an idea for a river/water thing in the middle of the top, with black land next to it, and then gold, and maybe painting an offering plate/table/thing on each side. Hekate’s will be red, black, and white/silver, and probably simpler. But that’s for next week, when I can go to the hardware shop with dad and pick out the right paints that I’ll need for the job. Yes, there will be pics when it’s done. That’s about it, though, as far as updates go. There’s nothing major coming up apart from the equinox next month, and I think I’ve almost got my ritual done for that. I might have to improvise if my room’s been taken apart, though, and my shrines have been packed up. But that’s alright. I can live with that for a while.

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