Festival Shrine: Mysteries of Wesir

Yeah, it’s kind of not for another couple of weeks for me, but I wanted to set it up now before my period turns up and I have to abstain from touching shrine things until it’s over. It’s been on my mind anyway, and it’s nice to have it all done so I can worry about other preparations, like the litany-story-thing Sobek has been prodding me about this afternoon, which I think He wants me to use for the Mysteries at some point? IDK, anyway, have some photos. 😀

Overall image
The shrine as a whole, with statues, and offering bowl, candles, incense burner, and other assorted things.

Wesir's place of rest

Close-up of the centre area. I didn’t particularly want to use the box shrines for this, but I haven’t had a chance to find alternative boxes/blocks of wood/candle sticks/etc to use instead. In the meantime, they will do. The structure actually consists of a book as the base, the box shrines on either side, and a spare plank of timber from the shed. I’m also using it for a make-shift mini-hearth thing, too, though I do eventually want to make something better that doesn’t need books, or my box shrines, so if I happen to find myself in a house that does not have a proper hearth/fireplace, I will still have one I can use as the basis of a household shrine for Hestia. But I digress.

Aset guards the left end; Nebthet guards the other, though you can’t really see Her properly. Wesir won’t go in the sarcophagus until the Mysteries get underway at the right time. (Khonsu)Ra won’t go with Him, though; He’ll wait outside and guard the shrine.

Also, that starry material I picked up cheap at an op shop/charity shop/thrift shop has paid for itself several times over. I still have metres of it left, and it seemed appropriate to dress this area with, as a representation of both the Akhu and Nut.

The trees are there because, well, because I like them? Seemed weirdly appropriate. Sitting between them, and in front of Wesir and Ra, and not entirely in shot, is a figure of Yinepu.

Wider view of centrepiece

A better shot of the overall centrepiece thing. You can see Yinepu hiding in the black material, and Wesir and Ra flanking it. Ra carries a small figure of Djehuty with Him; Wesir carries a small figure of Ma’at. Sobek (near Ra) and Nit (near Wesir) are also there, as well as the larger figures of Sobek and Heru-sa; the two cat netjeri; and the triad of Heru-sa-Aset, Wesir, and Aset. The horses are there because, well, they kind of come with Sobek and Heru-sa.

Also, I have just realised what it is I love about the face on that large figure of Ra: IT TOTALLY DOES LOOK LIKE A PIDGEY. O.O #mind #blown #hassnewrespectforpidgeys #ididntbelievebulbapediabutIdonow #waitdoesralooklikeapidgeyordoespidgeylooklikera? #thingsIwonder

Left side of the shrine

Jqls and Bast-Mut guarding Set. WELL. I didn’t want to not have Set there, because He has a role to play in the Mysteries! It is because of His actions that we have Mysteries of Wesir to contemplate, however else you wish to interpret His actions.

Also, have another shot of Pidgey!Ra. 😀

Right side of the shrine

You can see Ma’at a little better here. I really should repaint those black figures; they just disappear on a black shrine cloth. Also, that is Nit beside Wesir.

Close-up of candles and offerings

Better angle on the candles and other paraphernalia. There are eight candles, one for each day of the festival, and I plan to light one each day, as well as offer libations of water. I hope to replace them with new candles, though. I am in dire need of new tea lights, and haven’t been able to get to IKEA to grab another bag. I also need to clean the oil burner, obviously. #slackerpagan #showshowoftenIhaveuseditlately

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