Feast of the Dressing

Sobek/Heru-sa-Aset shrine overview
All set up for Wep Ronpet! 😀

It has really felt like the last day of the year, though. Lotsa things went wrong. Photos got deleted. I broke a camera. My mother broke both a bowl, AND her best sewing machine. FML, etc. But I did get my shrine redone properly, finished two sets of liturgy for Wep Ronpet, and for the next equinox, AND I wrote 1000+ words today, so! Counting my victories and all that. Took the chance to take everything down and clean it, since sometimes I need to do that, and to make it a little less cluttered. My shrines are good at gathering clutter. So sometimes I need to cut it down. And the last day of the year seems like as good a time as any.

I like Wep Ronpet, anyway. I like that chance to start anew. I don’t know how much of a coincidence that I set it to fall on the same day as Lammas, but eh. I think it’s kinda cool, and seeing Lammas as a first harvest, and also taking the chance, at Wep Ronpet, to look back at what I’ve achieved, and to look forward at what’s to come, seems like a good thing. I’ll decide on whether to do some traditional isfet smiting during the ritual, or at a separate time. I think it’s always better to focus a ritual on a single goal, rather than try to do several things at once. So I might leave the smiting til later.

Anyway, have some more photos of my shrine, and paragraphs of explanations. WOO. <3

The Children of Nut and Geb
Decided that since I was reconstructing the cosmos, so to speak, in the shrine itself, I figured I’d have a ‘river’ and some black land. Made some new beads for Set, too, so He’s all dressed up with the other gods. Still need a properly small Heru-wer, though, so Khonsu is again standing in for ‘$falcondeity’ as needed. Which, yes, not ideal, but it’s all I can do right now. They’re all actually standing on clear tealight holders. I wanted to raise them up a little, but also not really make it noticeable, so the clear glass works quite well for that. Though I really do need to find one more somewhere, since I nicked the one I use for Hermes’ coins in the lararium, and I’ll have to give it back when I take this down.

The purple paper boat is one I made a while ago, and it’s been hanging around for a while now. I felt it a good idea to use it for this, to have it carrying Tatanen and Djehuty, in a manner of speaking. Probably not mythologically correct, but I like the symbolism. There’s a libation bowl in front of that, and it’s hard to see it, but it’s got palm trees around it. I picked up four of them at an op shop for about $1 each? Yeah. So there’s two on this shrine, and two on Hekate’s shrine. I just don’t have enough tiny libation bowls, so.

Inside the shrine
Fire-Tree-Well, but er, without the fire. /dense.

I use the top of the awen box for my Fire-Tree-Well druidry set-up. Though I think you’ll notice that there’s no fire there. I am so great at this! 😀 But yes. There is Aset, and there’s a small touchstone with a lotus on it by Her feet. There are two trees, the little bowl for the Well, and in front of those, from left to right, is the rock for the land spirits, the shell and its contents are for Hekate, and then the small image of Hestia. Okay, maybe She’s symbolic fire then. IDK. But yes. Though it does make my ‘land’ and ‘heavens’ markings for the top and bottom rather fitting, particularly for what I want to use them for. Switching fire for stars, well, I don’t need it down there on the lid, since the underside is covered with stars. But anyway. Half the reason I haven’t posted my Kemetic SDF rite is because I want to make sure I have my concepts and imagery clear and coherent. You may not get them til after the March equinox, once I’ve finally settled on it and performed it once to see if I need to tweak it. But I digress.

Wesir and Ra are there because they fit. And I like Them being there. And the two banks of the Nile, etc. Ra has a touchstone of an ankh in front of Him. Wesir actually has an Eye in front of Him on that touchstone, but it’s hard to see even IRL, so. I really ought to paint the Eye gold or something. IDK. Just so it shows up better.
the cosmos

Top of the shrine
One reorganised top. With calligraphy ink and brushes!

Redid the top too. Part of the desire to declutter was due to the epic number of calligraphy things and journals I’d acquired over Christmas, and I decided that, no, they couldn’t ALL be on the shrine. So I redid the top, and found room for the inks, and my brushes, which are now sitting inside the candleholder. There are little rocks for Them both, and Their icons, as well as a white feather for Ma’at, and Sobek’s wand. Also my ickle Emiti!Scribe statue carrying Sobek’s ring. Well. The other ring I wear for Him.

They’re actually both resting on top of my journal, it’s this leather-bound journal I’m using just for Sobek. It’s a bit large, and somewhat unwieldy, but it’s a small, but nice pedestal there. Just big enough for what I need it for. I deliberately limited what was on top of it so I could retrieve it without too much hassle. It was also to clear more room down in front so I could set out for rituals with a bit more space.

Sobek's sideThis is Sobek’s side. It’s much simpler, and there’s more space there now. The round box at the back contains my collars, and my cuffs, all wrapped up nicely. They’re wrapped in fabric. I don’t use them in ritual very much, because I’m still figuring out the ritual contexts where I would wear them for Sobek. But they’re there anyway, for when I figure that out.

There’s also a money pot on top of it, partly to keep it down, and partly for convenience. I’m saving up for icons and other God things, and by its nature, it’s very much a long-term project until I can fill it completely and then break it open. I’m going to use the money to buy properly good quality things, like statues in stone or wood, or other things I couldn’t normally afford.

There’s also Sobek’s blue statue, and His crocodile, with His prayer beads over His neck. There’s also a small candle near it, and the bowl at the back contains …. things. Sobek things. Including a spiked cuff, a small Pokéball with a Totodile in it, and a figure of Bowser. Woo!

Heru's sideAnd now we get to Heru’s side, though He’s still kind of sharing it with Sobek, because once things get on His shrine, it’s very hard to get it back. So He’s got my Black Sabbath things. The hint of the green book behind that is my prayer book that I use for my daily devotions. I still wanted it to be accessible without taking up too much space I’d cleared for festival things, so that’s where it ended up.

Heru does have things of His own though, like the Solstice!Khonsu!Heru, and the little falcon I finally bought for Him, which was good. His prayer beads sit around the falcon, ready to be used. I really want more things for Him, though, but at least I moved my Bennu art there. It’s not quite Heru, but it does help to make it feel less like the shrine is 90% Sobek, 10% Heru.

There’s a brown bowl behind the gold Heru that contains my spare change, and a prosperity spell. I dip into it from time to time, either to buy offerings, or for other mundane things. I try not to drain it too much, though, but there is a rather large collection of shrapnel there, and I really ought to spend it, or at least add some more gold coins to it, so it’s a bit more useful. No one really likes being paid in 20c pieces. :/

The other white-blue bowl contains IIRC incense, lapis, goldstone, coins, and a few tiny scarabs. Also a tiny Bowser figure, and a small figure of Feraligatr. Because Sobek! 😀 There’s also another little tealight next to that. I was using it for piacular offerings when I was doing Roman style druidic rites, but it kind of ended up as a Bowl Of Precious Shiny Things, so. I think that works well enough. I still want more Heru things though. Need moar falconz.

Anyway, at least this post makes my word count go up another 1500 or so words, so that’s good. But I have to finish some more writings, so I’ll leave this longpostislong, and get on to it. Woo Wep Ronpet! I’ll be posting my rituals and such once it’s all over, because they’ll be finalised then. XD I’m still half-drafting things and figuring out offerings. It’s always tricky when I know I have to revert them, because they have to be acceptable to me as well. There’s more negotiation involved. I still don’t think I have anything suitable for Set. I’d have to go out and see if I can find something, or if all else fails, offer water. But it is His birthday, so I’d like to give Him something special if I can find something.

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