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I’ve got some prosperity heka to post in a bit, via Isis-Renenutet on which more later, but I’ve been playing around with dice divination for several months now. I blame Hermes and His love of dice. I’ve managed to collect rather more dice than I had expected over the years, and I’m not the sort of person for whom they are actually useful in any real sense. I just like dice.

I’m nowhere near what I would consider a master of the art yet; there’s still a lot to learn about how to interpret the dice, but I thought I’d share my experiences, and the way I actually cast a divination, because it’s a little different than your standard 3 dice set.

I have to admit, I have borrowed the number interpretations from this site, because they seem to be somewhat useful, though ymmv for all of this, of course. I think I stumbled across it many years ago, and kept it bookmarked for reasons I still don’t understand, but anyway. That’s my basis, though I don’t always use the meanings given there. They work for what I need them to work for, so I’ll use them until I come up with something else that works.

The way I cast is with two d6 dice. I write down the question, and then I roll the dice five times, each time noting down what each dice rolled, and the total of the two numbers. To get the answer, I total up each column, and any number over 18 I reduce to below that by adding the digits together. Then I have three numbers that make up the answer. Usually the final column is the more definitive answer, and the other two add to it, but it’s not always like that.

The list of interpretations is not a bad list to work off. I don’t always use the literal words given there. I generally see each one as either positive, negative, or neutral, and sometimes that’s all the sense I need to know what the dice are trying to tell me. This isn’t to say the meanings aren’t useful, because sometimes they are relevant, but it’s not always the case. I’m sure I will come to find my own set of meanings once I use this method long enough, though.

On a superficial level, even numbers mean no, and odd numbers mean yes. This is partly down to the number of letters, but also a general sense of yes/no from the dice. I’m not sure how typical this is, but it’s what works for me. The combination and number of each affects the sense of the reading as much as the meanings do. A reading of 2, 4, 6 is not good, but 9, 10, 9 is good. Also, 9,9,9 is an emphatic yes. I don’t know why this is, but that’s what it has come to signify. Anything close to that is still usually a yes, but it’s more of a Yes! than a YES GODSDAMMIT! that 9,9,9 says.

I’ve also found the wording of the question can be really important to the outcome, and unlike tarot, where the cards can be quite finicky about asking the same rephrased question more than once, the dice don’t care about that. Just today, I redid the question three times,┬ábecause I wasn’t hitting the right note. A lot of the time, I use it for yes/no types of questions, and this is why asking again is sometimes necessary if I’ve asked the wrong question. It also helps me figure out what I’m actually trying to figure out, so the repetition is actually useful in its own way, even if I do cast three times.

At some point, I’d like to sit down and figure out how to divine with my other non-d6 dice, of which I have many. The larger ones may offer more nuance than the d6, though I’d need to figure out the nuance in the meanings to make that viable. I know other systems exist out there, though, so I might have to look into them at a later date and see what I can come up with. I toyed around with one based on the tarot onceuponatime, but I think I was making it too complicated and I didn’t have enough confidence in the meanings I came up with to find it useful. But perhaps that’s a project for later.

Apart from that, I have been pondering Isis-Renenutet in the context of Sobek Shedety, doing a LOT of writing, and also having a cold for the past week and not going to shrine because of it. Woo. Anyway, I hope you’ve all been well, and if anyone has any advice or other useful dice divination systems I might want to look at, send them my way. I’m finding it an interesting system to use, and one that clicks a lot with me if all I need is something quick. I find it easier than runes for the sort of questions I’m asking, at any rate. I can also do it anywhere I like, because I keep a cheat-sheet of meanings in my wallet, and as long as I have a pair of dice, I can divine. It’s very handy.

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