Di Wep Ronpet Nofret!

Wep Ronpet 2014
Wep Ronpet shrine for 2014. Set up under the patio.

(For you northern hemisphere types, consider this a ‘Christmas in July’ equivalent.  Wep Ronpet in February! Woo! :D)

It was a good day, actually. Nice weather, if a little windy, hence the lack of candles on the shrine. Also, apparently I cannot simply set up a shrine outside without bringing EVERYTHING with me, so. EVERYTHING came outside, and then had to be taken back inside. To be fair, this was partly because I needed to nick the shrine cloths, and that meant taking everything down. But it did give me a chance to tweak the shrine layout when I was putting it all back together.

Had the house to myself today, so that was also why I wanted to do my ritual outside. I get weird about doing ritual outside of my room when others are around. I like my privacy. And I feel like I can run around setting things up without having to explain what I’m doing. Its just easier all round. So it was nice to have the time to do that today, even though I am behind on my noumenia rites now, and will have to do them tomorrow night.

Went down to the shops before to get the flowers, tea, and bread. Got some peach tea, because orange and sunny things, and some sourdough bread, though I bought it before I realised that mum had made some sourdough the day before, and I could’ve used that. Oh well. It was still good bread. The peach tea was good too. In the bowl next to the bread is homemade tzatziki, made with homegrown cucumbers. Sourdough and tzatziki is a great lunch, ngl, and it was half the reason I picked them as offerings. The flowers are now adorning the hearth in the living room, and the dining table.

I haven’t done any serpent-slaying, though. I didn’t really have time. I didn’t want to do it during my main Wep Ronpet ritual, because it didn’t feel right, and I had to go out tonight to a family do, so there wasn’t really time to do it. I did get to see the sun set, though. We were at this surf club for my cousin’s 40th birthday, and we were in this room facing the sea. There was this nice little corner where we sat and watched the sun slowly sinking below the horizon. I made appropriate prayers to Ra as the sun disappeared. That was actually really peaceful, in spite of the chatter and noise around me. I really wanted to see it set, because I missed sunrise, because I just don’t do mornings, not even for Wep Ronpet.

I must admit I didn’t consume all the offerings, though. I ate my fill, and put the rest into the compost bin to (eventually) turn into rich, fertile black land soil to make things grow. Seemed like an appropriate gesture, given the festival. And I don’t like overeating, y’know? And I didn’t want to waste what was left.

It was really peaceful, too. I actually burnt me some incense, since I figured I was in a very well-ventilated space that it wouldn’t bother me, and it didn’t. The wind would occasionally waft it in my direction, and it was nice to watch the smoke swirl around. It was a bit of a cool day for a Perth summer, though, only 28C (omg), but it’s been pretty mild for summer all January. I mean, it’s nice, because 44C is just horrid, but I’m sitting here in my winter PJs with socks on because the wind is cold and it’s making me cold, and wtf it’s summer. (Not that I mind being cold in summer. :D)

I’ve been trying to decide what to do for the Feast of Zep Tepi that I’ve decided I’m going to mark on Aug 1, since I finally figured out all my eight festivals for the year, and I think I’m going to do something of a Wep Ronpet redux, but tweaked for the half-year point. I went through and considered a lot of complicated ideas before I settled on that. I’m trying to keep things simple and straightforward. I’m done with overcomplicated calendars and such. And of course doing a Wep Ronpet redux at that point means I can sort of do it at the same time as all you other Kemetics. 😀

And hey, I like Wep Ronpet. Doing it twice a year is just great. XD

And for anyone who’s interested, this is how the shrine looks now once I got everything back inside and rearranged:

Revised shrine February 2014
Newly reorganised Sobek and Heru-sa shrine.

I wanted to make Sobek’s side and Heru’s sides … more clearly separate. I mean, Sobek’s stuff could just fill the entire shrine if I let it, but that’s not the point of it, so things were rearranged a little. The horses are back, too, because I found room for them, and I like the reminder of the Castor/Pollux connection thing.

The dark plate in the centre has an image of a man paddling a papyrus boat. Picked it up at an op shop for IDK $2? Decided to use it as an offering plate, and it looks good on the blue ‘river’ part of the shrine. I might go get some more watery blue fabrics to use, though. It’d be good to have more than one. I also need to hem that one, but eh. /lazy. 

Also, I finally figured out why I keep the money spells and such on Heru’s side. It’s never been entirely clear, since it was always partly ‘there’s just space there that needs filling’, but it’s related to Heru as King, and those aspects of being responsible and managing money on top of simply just acquiring more of it. That sort of thing. So He takes care of that.

I’ve also started wearing my spiked collar during rituals, and I’d quite forgotten how comfortable it is. I’ve had a weird desire to wear a collar for Sobek for years, and I’m kind of beginning to get more serious with that, rather than just absently thinking about it for a while, and not really doing more than that. (It’s srsly comfy, though. It’s such a great collar. I forget I’m wearing it half the time.) It’s also related to the fact I’m kind of sort of going through that phase where I’m pondering what it means to be submissive to a god, and I know I have some thinking and reading to do on that. There may be more rambly blog posts on that in future. I’m beginning to feel like I can talk about it. I feel a little more sure of my ideas and experiences than I did a while ago, where it was still more of an abstract thing. Particularly since I keep wondering now how I can wear a collar for Him that’s acceptable to wear every day without anyone knowing it’s a collar. Still working on that one.  

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