#dailyshrine Challenge and Wep Ronpet Eve

Hello! It is nearly Wep Ronpet! Bwee! 😀 I finally got time to clean out all my altars and shrines, because I had been meaning to do that all week. But if the Days Upon The Year have been anything this year, it’s been very Days Upon The Year-y. Very chaotic and things not happening how they planned, etc. And then the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse has just thrown everything out of whack. Still! I did see it tonight, and wished very much I’d had a telescope. D:

Anyway. So. I will do Wep Ronpet things tomorrow, but for now, I wanted to post about the #dailyshrine challenge Rev Jan Avende is running over at ADF. Because if you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you might have noticed that I like building shrines. 😀 So this is right up my alley. I plan to post every day over at instagram, and then write up the posts here each week, so you can see them all and have a bit more writing about why I did them the way I did.

So if you’re interested in following along, my instagram is sashataakheru. Feel free to follow me for shrine pics and cat pics, since that is basically 90% of what I post over there. 😀

Behind the cut, please see my current shrines as they are. I have video to upload tomorrow, and may post more detailed photos then, if anyone’s interested. Also, enjoy the shrines while you can, because by April, they will be totally different, because my room will be totally different. Which is why I’ll do a proper State of the Shrines when that’s all done, so you can see the new set-up then. 😀

Aphrodite + Others shrine. it’s a bit of a grab-bag on top at the moment, for statues I can’t bear to put away, but still want to have out. Plus, Aphrodite at the bottom, surrounded by fkn rose quartz. Srsly, I have never thrown so many crystals at a shrine before. 😀
Black Madonna at the top. Lararium in the middle. Masrai et al on the bottom.
Ancestors! Blood, spirit, queer, and others, plus all the gods.
Hekate at the top, Sobek at the bottom. Hermes and Hestia are also back on the shrine with Hekate, while Sobek and Aset stand beside each other on the bottom shelf.
Quanyin’s little shrine. <3 <3 <3

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