Christmas Break: Dec 26 – Jan 6

Possibly not the best topic for a first post, but there you go. I have the worst timing.

Anyway. I have closed the Etsy shop for now as I’m going interstate to visit family from Dec 26 to Jan 6. Once I get back, I’ll open up again, and add in the stuff I’ve been working on, including artworks, mini shrine boxes, and some prayer beads. Expect more fabulous things as I finally have more spare time on my hands to work, and check back for updates on what’s new in the store this week.

Feel free to get in touch via email at

Many blessings for the holiday period, and the new year.


One thought on “Christmas Break: Dec 26 – Jan 6

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    Just a FYI. Going interstate on Dec 26, Etsy shop will be closed until Jan 6, when I get back. Will open up again on Jan 7, if I’m not completely jetlagged.

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