Box Shrines Update

They’re not done yet, but most of the main decoratoring is done. I just need to add names/hieroglyphs/etc.

One is for Amun, as promised, and the other was claimed by Wesir. I hadn’t planned to make Him one, but He kept niggling about wanting a shrine, and I kept saying I had no more room for shrines, so He claimed my second box instead.

They’re painted with bog standard acrylic craft paint, and I Mod Podged the paper on afterwards. I’m still pondering top coats/sealers/whatever else I want to do to them before I finish them properly.

Photos after the cut.

Wesir’s box is on the left, and Amun’s is on the right. They’re covered in paper. Wesir got some white paper with gold threads throughout and Amun’s is cream with white speckles.

Wesir’s box colour scheme is silver, gold, and purple. Amun’s is this creamy/yellow thing and blue. Bright blue. I was going to cover it up with a darker blue paper, but I quite like the colour. The creamy/yellow external sides of the box have been covered with cream paper, and the base of Amun’s box is the same as the top.

Inside of the box shrines. Both have stars on the internal side of the lid. It’s this aweosme paper thing I found with 5-pointed stars all over it, and I felt it appropriate to use that for Wesir’s. Wesir’s is blue, and I used a gold version of the same material for Amun’s.

Sparkly starry paper. <3 I’ve still got some of each left that I might use, but I like it the way it is. I also might go and repaint the outside of the lid of Amun’s gold, just to make it a bit less… IDK. The yellow needs to be covered up. XD

The box shrines standing properly. Wesir’s is on the left and Amun’s is on the right.

So lovely. <3 They’re not finished yet, but I like them so far. <3

Wesir’s will have a small icon inside it, and a tea light. Amun’s will be empty, with His name in hieroglyphs on the back.


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    1. Yeah, they look great. I’m going to finish them off tomorrow. Add hieroglyphs and a final sealer to coat the whole thing.

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