Box shrines are done!

I wanted to keep it quite simple, so there wasn’t much else to add to them, apart from the appropriate hieroglyphs. I decided against sealing them for the time being, because I like the texture of the papers I’ve used, particularly for the front of Wesir’s. Plus, things sitting on an inside shrine that probably won’t be moved aren’t likely to get into too much trouble. If I decide to make them more portable, I will probably seal them then, just to protect them.

Used those gold and silver metallic paint pen things to write/draw with, because I am more accurate than if I used a paintbrush. Oh, and a blue Artline marker because I can’t do Wesir’s crook and flail without gold and blue. So there.

I’ve rearranged the shrine a bit too, to make room for everything. The two horses have moved, because things didn’t want to work with them anymore. So I’ve left them on the makeshift ancestor shrine, as representations of Sobek and Heru doing Their Duat-y… thing. Or something. (They might move again. Maybe they’ll go back with the other Grand Champions horses. IDK.)

Box shrine for Amun, painted and covered with paper and hieroglyphs

This is the front of Amun’s box shrine. The inside contains His name in glyphs, and isn’t meant to be opened. I was going to take a photo of the inside, but it didn’t want to open, so perhaps Amun wants His privacy. 😉 It is meant to be an empty box, after all. My glyph writing isn’t that great, but at least it’s clear what I mean. I smudged the silver by His ear too. Oh well. He doesn’t seem to mind.

Khonsu, Satet, and a-Goddess-who-might-be-Hethert-or-Aset-standing-in-for-Mut-because-I-don’t-have-a-statue-of-Her are on top of the box. I almost didn’t, but I couldn’t resist the chance to have the whole family together. WELL. With Satet, too. Because why not. She’s not actually connected with Amun as far as I can tell, but I think I’ve always associated Her with Him anyway. Gods only know why. So that’s why She’s there.

This is on Sobek’s side of the shrine, because apparently Sobek and Amun have a Thing, and apparently shared a temple somewhere.

Front of Wesir's box shrine, containing His name in hieroglyphs, and the crook and flail

Wesir’s shrine! 😀 The paper has a lovely texture that I don’t want to ruin with sealer (at least not at the moment.) It’s kind of bumpy and rough, and has gold threads strewn throughout. Bit harder to sketch an outline on, which might explain why it didn’t work as well.

I think I mangled that Atef crown a little, though. And the body. I still haven’t got the hang of those God bodies. Sorry, Wesir. That said, I think the crook and flail turned out pretty good. So that’s something. And, y’know, it’s pretty clear who it belongs to.

But at least I now have Heru-sa-Aset, Aset, Nebthet, and Wesir all together. It’ll be more fun setting up for the Mysteries now. <3

Inside the box shrine, showing two tea lights, and a small statue of Wesir on an upturned tealight holder.

The inside! You can just see the blue stars on the right. He’s standing on an upturned tealight holder. I thought He needed a pedestal so He didn’t look so tiny.

I almost wrote His name on the back, like I’d done for Wesir’s, but I felt it wasn’t particularly necessary, not if I was going to have an icon in there. It’s just a ‘thing that sits on my shrine’ at the moment, instead of something portable.

It’s funny, as I was thinking what colours to paint the second box, once I was done with Amun’s, I remember thinking, gold, silver and purple, and I could see those colours in my head. It was only when I went to look up colour associations that I discovered it was Wesir who had claimed the box. Works in subtle ways, that one. <3

Middle of the shrine, featuring Aset/Isis, and Bast's Netjeri, amongst other Deities

Middle section got changed up a bit. It’s only got Nit and Aset on either side of the big Aset statue, instead of, like, everyone. And I think it’s appropriate to have Nit on Sobek’s side and Aset on Heru-sa’s side.

There are a lot of Gods here. I’m not sure why. But there are. Also, the white feathers. IDEK. I just like them there. They remind me of Ma’at, and there are four of them.

Top: Nit, Big Aset, mourning Aset

Top background: seven stars for Yemaya

Top of left cat: Ma’at, Mafdet, and Set.

Top of right cat: Djehuty, and two Bast statues.

Bottom: Unnamed male netjeri belonging to Bast-Mut, Isis and Harpocrates (and a lot of jewellery!), Faithful the Cat (from the Tamora Pearce books.)

The cat on the right was explicitly named Faithful, and intended to be him, so it made no sense to call him anything else. The two cats were gifts from old school friends several years ago, and they act as guardians of the shrine, like Bast-Mut and all Her other cat netjeri protect the land. Every now and then, I catch sight of a dark/black (domestic-cat-sized-)cat patrolling around the house, like a fragmentary shadow that might not’ve been there at all. I need to get into the habit of regular milk offerings, too. Just need to work out when and how often. Between the two of Them, Bast-Mut and Hestia kind of have this house protected.

Photo of my current shrine

That’s the whole shrine.I think it looks even more complete than it did before. Also, I like that Amun and Wesir are up there now. <3 Combined with the shrine below, and the little one I have for Hekate, all I’m missing is somewhere for Apollo and the Mousai to hang out. (Try as I might, I just can’t decouple Apollo from the Mousai. They kind of come together, at least for me. So I’ve added ‘get to know Apollo’ on my spiritual to-do list, particularly if I’m going to keep invoking Him for help with my divination. Seems rude not to get to know Him if I’m going to keep asking for His help.)

Candles from left to right: red candle for Kheper-Ra-Temu, purple candle for Sobek, red candle for Hestia,  red candle for Heru-sa, white candle for Aset. I use them in my daily rites.

In front of that, censer with sand and salt; libation bowl; wand, pentacle, and magnificent candle snuffer-outerer; libation jug; mini/representative cauldron. I pour water libations twice a day during my rites, and the water is disposed of in the garden. I’m also pondering getting an indoor plant of some sortfor libation water instead; I believe Wesir might’ve suggested that.

I haven’t consecrated the boxes or anything yet, though. Might at some point find the time to get some frankincense burning and smoke them a little. I have put a couple of tealights in front of Amun’s shrine, though, just for balance. So yes. It’s all done now. For the moment. Until I get bugged to rejig the shrine again. 😀

0 thoughts on “Box shrines are done!

  1. These are so beautiful! I have no doubt the Gods are pleased with the lovely “homes” you’ve made for Them.

    I’m loving your Nebt-Het and Satet icons especially! Wherever did you manage to find them, if I may ask?

    1. I really love them. They’ve turned out so well. It’s been a wonderful experience, making the shrines. Would do it again for anyone else who wanted one. But not right now. XD

      I can’t honestly remember where I got Satet. I think? She might’ve been a gift from one of my friends who might’ve just IDK picked Her up at random? I got one canopic jar that way. Did She come with that, I wonder? Maybe. I honestly can’t remember. All I remember is that somehow, I acquired Her, not really knowing who She was until I asked Hemet, and She said it was Satet.

      Nebthet I … kind of inherited? Some years ago, I was given a box of Kemetic icons to look after by a Kemetic friend; I believe she’d been having trouble at home with family and such, on top of dealing with medical (and I think psychological?) problems, and asked me to take care of them for her, which I was happy to do.

      I used to take them out of the box every now and then, because I can’t just ignore icons, and I wanted to IDK, just make sure they were still alright. At some point, IDK, their affiliation changed, and they … adopted me? I just remember taking them out of the box one day, and felt like they’d … tied themselves to me? If that makes any sense. Perhaps they were just tired of being forgotten in a box at the top of my wardrobe, and I was someone who would use them. That was when I took them out for good and added them to my shrines.

      I ended up with many of the small statues: Nebthet, Wesir, Set, Khonsu, Nit, the one standing in for Mut who doesn’t seem to mind being called Mut but might probably be Hethert or Aset or both, and I think one of the Bast ones. There was also an icon of Sobek, a cobra who has identified Herself as Wadjet (which is useful, because now I have both Her and Nekhbet), and two gemstone trees – amethyst and IDK jade, I think? I think that was all.

      That said, if my friend ever asks for them back, she can have them, no questions asked. though I think I heard around the traps that she’s an atheist now, so perhaps they’ve found a new home with me. I still sort of feel like I’m just looking after them, though. But I think they do appreciate being on the shrine and being used, instead of hidden away.

    1. Thanks. <3 I've really enjoyed making these, and it's been worth it for how well they turned out. A+, would do it again.

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