Bedroom Shrines Update #2

Since my last State of the Shrines post has been making the rounds on tumblr recently, I thought I’d post some more photos of what I’ve done in my room now. I’ve got most of the work done, bar one Ivar shelf in the corner, and the bookshelves over the bed, and hanging a few final pieces (like picture frames etc), and then it’ll be done. So this isn’t an official State of the Shrines for 2018 yet, but it’s progress. I’ll do a proper one once everything’s done, bc there are a few shrines I’m planning for the bookshelves so it’s not done until they’re up there.

Be aware that everything is still a work in progress, and I’m still figuring out how I want everything to be, so things may not stay this way as I finish everything off, but it’s working for now. I may still decide to redo things, or change things around, and I’m still sorting out how I want the altar by the window to function, since both Mary and Aphrodite’s shrines are going to be on the bookshelves. So we’ll see how that one settles in. So yeah, there are a few odd statues that are just hanging around, not quite in the right place yet, but for the most part, it’s working for me.

I have a lot of photos, so bear with me, but see under the cut for what I’ve got so far. <3

This is on the front of my door. Apart from the obvious, there’s the Day Boat at the top, and the Night Boat at the bottom. Done in copper paint. The door is the same colour as the walls.

I have a sneaky mirror behind my door, for the first time in my life. This was Aphrodite’s suggestion, for some of the self-love work we’ve been doing. It’s got my Pride feather boa hanging over it, and on the door, there’s some mala and rosary beads, and a black feather boa that may or may not stay there.

Always have a single bed so you too can get access to all the awesome kids bed linen. This was legit only $19 from Kmart and it is amaze. <3 I love sleeping under the stars like this. Also, the fabric is really soft and lovely to sleep under. <3

This is sort of temporary for now, if only bc I want to paint/switch out that pink Lack shelf, and I kinda want to move some of this/most of this over to the bookshelves, so. Also, the Lack shelf needs a fkn brace bc who would make a straight fkn wall, hey? So it doesn’t sit flat, bc of course it doesn’t. -_- Which is why it only has my dream journal and my daily journal, as well as my ickle Totodile. <3

The altar cloth on top of the clock radio is to cover it at night so I can fkn sleep.

Sobek’s shrine! 😀

It is a little crowded, bc some of the things there I’m not sure will stay there, but that’s the basic set-up. I have the little shelf at the back to tuck everything under, so I’ve got a tidy surface there. Also, the plants I bought yesterday at Ikea and they fit perfectly in the little pots. I had planned to use them for light and incense, but since they are planters, they have a hole in the bottom, and I couldn’t figure out what to do to plug that hole. So I have plants instead. I got these ones bc they reminded me of the Lord of the Carnelian Temple cover, but I might change them out to white or something, bc the pink is looking a bit weird there. Anyway.

I have Sobek, Renenutet, and Heru in there atm, with Wesir and Ganesh on the west side, and Aset, snek!Renenutet, and Djehuty on the east. And yes, that is Lugia and Ho-Oh sitting on top. <3

This is what it looks like when it’s all set up for ritual, sans my ritual book which sits on the left. When I pack it all up, the cloth, the incense bowl, the water bowl, and the oils, all pack up into the box I stand Sobek on, and that sits on top of the offering plate. The matches sit on top of the offering plate too, then it all gets tucked up inside, and the candles go back on the shelf.

I don’t know if Heru!birb and Sobek will stay there though, but it is nice having them there. Heru!Birb is too long and heavy to go in the shrine, so He’s sitting there for now, bc I love Him. <3

Ganesha takes care of my change, and my Pokéwalker. <3

Not quite all my ritual books, bc some are tucked up under my desk, but that’s most of them. The big fat coptic stitch book that’s next to the gold Daybook on the left was made from a $5 120 sheet sketchbook and it weighs a bloody ton. I have nfi what I will do with it. If I get some more, I might make some more big fat books for Etsy. Like, that’s 480 pages right there of sketchbook paper. Sure, it takes 3 hours to make, but that’s only, like, two movies to sew all 15 signatures together. No biggie. XD

This is Aphrodite’s little shrine space, for now. It’s really not how I want it to be, but She needs a bookshelf, and they’re not up yet, so. She’ll just chill here with Aset. And tons of rose quartz. And my favourite frankincense incense omg.

Hekate’s space, for now. Once She has the whole altar to Herself, things will look better, but for now, this is Her place.

Mary/Black Madonna, and a little Quan Yin. <3 Like with Aphrodite, She needs Her own space on the bookshelf, but they’re not up yet, so this is where She’s hanging for now. <3

Heerrrrrrbs. All of them. <3 I wanted to get these out from under my altar table and up on the wall where I can see them. I am one of those out of sight, out of mind people, so having these more accessible is going to make me more likely to use them. They’re just picture ledges and a wall shelf I got from an op shop, but they do the job. The bottom shelf was going to be for herbs, but I decided to put my brushes and pens there, and my rulers, and a few other bits and pieces. My paint pallets and my kindle are down underneath it.

Not sure if this lamp is staying here, but idk. Maybe. But this is where I have Nebethet and Bast and Artemis, for now, as well as a few other personal bits and pieces I want to put up on my corkboard when I figure out where that’s going.

In the rack, I have some notebooks and papers, and a few other things. The bottom shelf has my painting things, and a spare box. The cords are for my curtains, and I am legit too lazy to hang them up somewhere.

Quan Yin’s shrine. I’m still not 100% happy with it, and I might swap out the prayer flags, IDK if I like them there atm. But it’s not bad. Because I do Quan Yin practice online, I knew I wanted Her to be here, above the monitor, so I can do practice here. I might swap out the big white Quan Yin and give myself some room, depending on what I decide I want to put here. So it might change by the time you see this again. But that’s what it is for now.

All I’m willing to say about this one is that it’s my Sau shrine, for my Sau apprenticeship work. This might also be the one and only time you see this one, idk if I’ll include it again. This is my most private shrine, because this work is oath-bound. I won’t answer any questions about this one unless you’re also an apprentice (and can prove it to me that you are).

New hearth shrine! Also still a work in progress as I figure out how I want to organise this and make it work, but this is it for now. IDK why the copper mirror tray wanted to be here, either, but there it is. I’ve got my little lararium and my Hestia and Gaia statues. Then the next shelf up is for Hekate, as my patron. Then there’s the Three Hallows (well, fire, tree), and a few little things for the land and animal spirits. Above that, Hermes, Apollon, and Zeus. And a little broom on the light switch.

There’s a group of us gearing up to work through the DP through the Wheel of the Year book again, and get our Dedicant’s Path work done, so I wanted to have a proper ADF/druidic shrine to work with. I’m working on a weekly ritual to do on Sundays while I sort the rest of it out.

But yes, other than that, it’s all coming along nicely. Like I said, still needs some work, but it’s mostly done, for now. I’ll make another post when it’s all done, or when I have other significant work to show you.

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