I don’t know why I feel like talking about Bakhu just now, but I’ve been doing devotional art all day*, and perhaps it’s just on my mind. It’s sort of become the place I meet Sobek in meditations, and IDK. Sometimes I get proddings to share things, so have some UPG woo. I can’t share some of what I’ve seen in Bakhu, because it’s too personal and Mystery-ish related, but there are some more general things I can talk about.

This sort of ties in a lot with my conception of Sobek as the Evening Star/Night Boat, complementing Heru-sa-Aset as the Morning Star/Day Boat. I might do a post on that at a later date, to sort of flesh that out a bit more. It’s sort of linked to the Wesir/Ra dynamic, except, not quite, if that makes sense. So yeah. Bakhu. Have some UPG meanderings on Bakhu.

* Check my dA; I’ve put some of them up. Sobek as Creator, and Sobek as the Night Boat were completed today. The rest were done a while ago.

Sobek’s been taking me to Bakhu recently, in dreams and meditations, mostly. It’s a beautiful place that I’ve only ever seen at night. The sky stretches out for miles, full of bright stars, and the land is bathed in the silver light of the full moon. Bakhu sits on hilly ground above a bay or inlet that opens to the sea. We’ve walked the beach from time to time, and I’ve felt the waves lapping gently at my ankles.

The vegetation feels Mediterranean; acacia trees, scrub lands, and large fruit-bearing trees, from what I’ve seen. Lots of grassland, too. The dunes by the beach are full of lush grasses, rushes, and reeds, and they sway gently in the sea breeze. The hills have long grass and shrubs, with some larger trees. It doesn’t look cultivated, though. The landscape looks natural, uncultivated, if you like. Bakhu is apparently an island, though I have never seen all of it to know for certain.

I think there is a river somewhere, leading from Sobek’s temple to the sea. I’ve never seen it but in abstract forms, and it’s both inky black and bright silver. I haven’t seen it up close to know how wide it is, and what the water is like, but I know it’s there. I believe there are marshes just up from the beach where the river meets the sea.

Sobek’s temple sits on the highest hill, with a winding path leading to it. It’s made from carnelian, and it’s the only thing in colour I have ever seen there. Everything else is washed out in silver, grey, white, and black. But Sobek’s temple shines a bright warm orange.

The temple I’ve seen appears to be quite typically Egyptian? I’ve been taken through the main gate, through the hall of pillars, and into the inner sanctum. I’ve never been to the Holy of Holies, though, only the forecourt surrounding it. Much of the temple is open-air, so we can see the stars. I think, further back, that the Holy of Holies is covered, but as I’ve never seen it, I can’t say for certain. The places I’ve been have been open, at any rate. The floor is I think some sort of black polished stone, as it appears to shine silver as I walk on it. It’s like a black mirror, reflecting the light from the moon.

The walls and the pillars aren’t all covered with hieroglyphs. There are some parts that are empty, bare, waiting to be filled with words. He’s shown me one of these blank spaces, and I’ve watched as my words, my writings, etch their way onto His temple wall with all the others. The message is clear enough. There are more spaces to be filled, more stories to be revealed.

From the beach, His temple shines like the sun on the horizon. It sits between the slopes of two hills, this beacon amidst all the lightdarkness. It always seems very far away from the beach, and I’m still not sure of the exact route to take to get to the temple. But since I am with Sobek when I go to Bakhu, I figured that if He wants to take me to His temple, I’m sure He’s quite capable of doing that. We just seem to go there, if we need to be there.

The beach is nice, though. Really beautiful. It’s not a wide beach, but it curves around, like a natural harbour. The waves are quiet, but present, rather like Sobek. They are small, but you don’t see the real force of them, not in the bay. Sobek is calm here, peaceful. His rage is out there in the wild ocean, where the waves are unleashed. But here in the bay, everything is calm. Sobek is calm.  He smiles here, and we enjoy being together. I’ve never felt in any danger here. It is a quiet place of peace, of rest.

The sky is always clear. I’ve never seen clouds about. I don’t remember ever seeing any specific constellations in the sky, except for Ara, the altar. She’s been pointed out to me again as Being Important, so I think I have some star work to do.

Hekate was there the first time I went to Bakhu. She was this huge bright crescent moon in the sky, and Her light filled the land around us. Given Sobek fostered me off to Hekate, I’m not surprised She would be there, but I wasn’t expecting to see Her. I liked that She was watching over us, as Sobek watches over everything else.

Also, Bakhu, for me, is in the west. It doesn’t have a geographical location, but just west. It feels like the last, farthest, bit of land, the place where there is a lot of darkness, because it is the last place Ra’s light touches before He descents into the Duat for the night. That’s what it feels like to me. It might be why I’ve never seen it in daylight, because it’s always night/dark twilight. The only light comes from Khonsu/Hekate/the moon, because Ra leaves the seen world here. Sobek’s carnelian temple reflects the last of Ra’s light. It marks that place where Ra descends, reflecting His light back to remind the world that He is not gone forever.

It’s not particularly cool or warm here, though. It feels like a late summer night, where autumn is just beginning to kick in. The air is cooling, and the heat doesn’t hang around so much anymore. It’s not freezing, because there is still light, but it’s not warm, either, not without Ra’s direct light. The ocean water is cold, though. It feels like Albany/south coast water. It’s icy, like it’s come from the polar region. You wouldn’t swim in it. But it gains a little warmth as the waves come ashore, so it’s not unpleasant to walk in.

In a lot of ways, this Bakhu reminds me of how I’ve always pictured the Dreamtrails, from Isobelle Carmody’s Obernewtyn series. It doesn’t feel like the same sort of place, but maybe they share similar things. Or my mind is using familiar references to render the unrenderable into something I will recognise. Either way, I’ve been going to Bakhu a lot recently, and it’s been interesting. I’m still trying to meet Heru in meditation, though. He’s still very elusive, even though I’m getting better at tuning into Him.

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