ART: Ithyphallic mummiform Nit/Neith

Based on a conversation over at The Cauldron, and our ponderings of ithyphallic and mummiform gods, and pondering also why no goddesses are portrayed as mummiform. Sekhmet-Min is a handwavey syncretic case idk but that’s the only example I can find, except for that one picture of ithyphallic Nit that I’m not sure is Nit, but I can’t find anything else.

Anyway. I made some Artz. And Nit made me do it properly because of course She did. I traced the basic outline from an image of Wesir I found in a book and modded up the rest. Coloured with watercolours, and yes I forgot to erase the pencil lines, that is how long it has been since I have watercoloured. >_>

Big picture is big and also has Cock so. I will muse on it under the cut.

  1. It’s a photo not a scan so sorry about dodgy lighting.
  2. It’s been a while. I am a little rusty. Plz forgive any mistakes.
  3. I think I really like it.

So this conversation was triggered my me stumbling across a random statue on Etsy of a mummiform snake-headed god and wondering who it might be, and the conversation went from there as we pondered Nehebkau and the Ogdoad and Sneks and Nit and well. How the mummiform thing seems to indicate a more passive masculine energy and the reason why their goddesses might not be portrayed this way might be because they’re too active. And I thought, well, if only one goddess can be seen this way, I can really only imagine Nit pulling it off. So I thought what that might look like and had a go at drawing it.

I tend to prefer the more traditional styles of Egyptian art. It just seems to be more within my skillset. As I said, I did trace about 3/4 of the body from a figure of Wesir, but the rest was freehand, plus a ruler. The hardest part was figuring out the chest area and what to do with that. I felt I needed at least the silhouette of a breast there, otherwise it would just look too masculine and part of what I experience with Nit is Hir bigendered/androgynous nature, so to not include any feminine features along with the cock would be remiss of me. So that took a bit of figuring out. I nearly painted the dress red, too, since that’s how She’s usually drawn, but it didn’t feel right for this one.

It’s interesting to look at Hir in this image and notice how different She feels than how She’s normally portrayed. I might work with this image for a while and see what comes of it. I don’t expect everyone to connect with this, but I still like it, and I thought I’d share because wynaunt. And it’s a good piece of art. It is giving me many Thinky Thoughts. Yes. I’ll have to ponder this some more and see what comes from it.

One thought on “ART: Ithyphallic mummiform Nit/Neith

  1. I think you’re on the right track about why we don’t see more mummiform Goddesses. If we look at how the mummy determiner is used, we find it determining certain words for “form”—twt, ki, et al.—that I would argue denote a static, ideal form; and when the mummy determiner is added to ḫpr, which essentially denotes living “transformation”, we get ḫprw with a sense of reified stages of becoming, modes of being arrested from a living flux.

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