Apparently we are naos-ing again

A very bodged-together naos
This is a terrible angle because it’s from where I’m sitting down, and when I’m standing, I can’t see the underside of the top. Just pretend it’s white all over.

IDEK. I was sitting down this afternoon to rewrite my daily rites since the ones in my ritual book are just for Sobek and Heru, and now I have Isis and Wesir to add to those and it was getting annoying having to flick through mid-ritual to the right spot, rather than have it all written out in the one place. But as I’m working on that, and reworking it, I’m pondering a different set of rites entirely, and then I get the urge to make a naos out of a box that’s lying around, and suddenly, there it is.

If space and money weren’t an object, I’d just buy a cabinet and be done with it, but it’s a tricky spot and there isn’t much space, so this is what it is now. Apparently I need to be able to open/close the shrine more than I need anything aesthetically pretty at the moment, but I might bodge together a wooden version later on if I feel that’s a necessary next step. I may still switch things up as I work with it, and I may decide this is a terrible idea and make a wooden one sooner rather than later, but we’ll see.

It’s felt like a very busy week, and it probably has been. Today has been the only day of rest, I guess, that I’ve had, with the exception that I was out tonight with my bff for her birthday, and now I don’t have the energy or preparation for deipnon, so that’ll have to be done tomorrow. All I can brain about now is tonight’s feast for Wesir, that’s all I have the energy for at the moment. But that’s okay.

The Mysteries have been interesting this year, I think. Wesir finally accepted me as His priest back on the full moon, and initiated me in His own way, so He got added to the daily rites then. And since then, it’s felt like this Mysteries is a moment of rest before things change, and continue on. It’s almost laughable at how busy I’ve been during a period of rest, but there you go. I guess that’s Wesir’s sense of humour. But it’s okay. I have books and tools and now a naos. It’s really felt like a time of priestly preparation, rather than the usual, more sombre tones of the Mysteries. I mean, I even found a white kilt (skirt) for ritual that I can wear that’s separate from the white robes I wear for Hellenic rites, so. /sensing a theme.

Like I said, it’s been a weird week. But that’s fine, at least it’s felt productive.

I’ll probably have more to blog about later once this is over and I’m done processing things. I’ve had the High Day, the Mysteries, and now deipnon and noumenia to do this week, and it’s been ritually busy as much as it’s been mundanely busy. I’ll be glad when this is done and I’ll have a bit of a mental break to process everything. Once I get back into the rhythm of daily practice, I think that’ll be better. I’ll be able to get on with that and let those rites give structure to my day.

I’ve actually been looking again at the basic ritual outline from Eternal Egypt, which I have previously dismissed as too recon. But it might be a less clunky way to rework my rites for two gods, rather than just do one set of rites then repeat for the next god. It doesn’t quite work for me in terms of the rhythm and flow of it, which is why I’m looking at another way to approach it. I don’t know how much of it I’ll keep, but I’ll try a few things and see what works. If anyone has other ideas, I’m open to suggestions.

Anyway. it’s getting late. I’ll go and do some writing now and figure out the format of the new daily rites, then I’ll add them to the ritual book. By then I should be ready to feast with the gods before I head to bed. Then tomorrow is another day, and we’ll see what comes of that.

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