Almost done omg

Just a quick post about the bedroom reno. I finally finished painting ALL THE IVAR SHELVES, so now I’m finally done with that part of the job. So glad to be done with that, because omg it’s so hard to do that with hypermobile joints and you can’t sit properly and it’s raining half the time, and there’s nowhere to dry everything properly without having to paint things on the floor. (So sore right now. D:)

Anyway. Bought the bed and mattress, and now all I need is a new desk chair, which I’m putting off for a while because they’re expensive and I want one that will go with my room. We put the wall shelves up today, and the floor’s going in tomorrow. After that, it’s moving in tiem, once the electrician comes on Wednesday to fix in the new fan, and put in some new power points. Take a last look at the paint-stained skungy blue carpet. It’ll be gone tomorrow. 😀

Have a couple of photos below the cut. Expect moar once the whole thing’s done. Because then it’ll look awesome. I might even ~make a video~ omg. I’ll have to fit in the work of putting it all back together amongst my Mysteries of Wesir festivities, but that’s alright. At least it’ll all be done before that happens, which is what I wanted. Thanks, Mercurius. <3

New shrine set-up
New shrine omg

It’s a bit blurry, but you get the idea. Ancestor shrine goes on top, gods’ shrines on the lower shelf, and then there’s Sobek and Heru’s shrine. I’m going to do festival shrines on the lower shelf of the table, just because there’s more room there for those things. The tall shelf in the corner by the window is for my pagan books and whatever else fits there. Like, supplies and other statuary.

New shrine - front view
Front view of the shrine.

Better front view of the shrine set-up, because angles. Also better view of paint stains on carpet. It’ll be ripped up tomorrow omg. Which is why I’m sleeping in the TV room again for one last night, but then new bed! And new room! 😀 😀 😀

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