A is for Amun

This is me going back and filling in the two A weeks that I missed, because I can’t bear an incomplete alphabet of posts. So today I want to write about Amun and my experiences with Him because I don’t do that often enough and I think He’s awesome. <3

I don’t particularly talk about Him much. When I had my Rite of Parent Divination done when I was Kemetic Orthodox, He wasn’t in my lineup. I hadn’t really had any desire to get to know Him (or Wesir for that matter, but that’s for another post).

But I noticed Him hanging around as Opet approached two years ago, which is celebrated some time in March/April. I forget when exactly, but it’s around that time. He just … appeared and started following me around at uni.

I’d like to point out it’s a bit weird when a God suddenly turns up in your life and starts hanging around. I hadn’t done anything to attract His attention. I don’t recall being particularly drawn to Him at that time. He just decided to turn up. I figured, well, can’t hurt to talk to Him if He’s decided to make Himself known to me.

He would always sit/appear/be felt around my left shoulder, or on my left side. Or behind me, if He couldn’t be on my left. He felt very shy and sweet. Not demanding or strict or anything like that. Just quiet and shy in His own way.

I was out waiting for the bus one day to go to uni, and He was with me. I asked Him what He wanted, and He said he wanted us to be companions. That was the word He used, so I’ve kept using it to describe our relationship. He smiled sweetly and reached for my hand. Companions.

He really is the most adorable God ever. Which I never really expected. What I knew of Him, from reading books on mythology and the Gods and such made Him seem like more of a King of the Gods sort of figure, and I suppose that’s the sort of God I expected. I expected Him to be much more formal and distant. Much more abstract and hard to get to know. But He’s nothing like that, not with me.

He’s come with me all over the place, shopping, uni, etc. Everywhere. He’s very shy and curious, and He doesn’t appear fond of crowds. I’ve noticed Him disappear from me when the crowds, say in the city when I’m shopping, are too much for Him. He comes back when things are quieter.

He does not like blood or violence either. Figured that out when He came with me to a lit lecture I had on Quentin Tarantino. Sorry, Amun. I didn’t mean to squick you. He’s the only God who has said He would rather I not do any rituals to Him while I’m menstruating. But I also don’t feel this is because it’s taboo, either. It’s not because He doesn’t want blood in shrine or He finds it unclean/impure. The impression I get is that He would rather give me space during that time and not demand on me to do ritual when I’m perhaps not feeling that great. That’s very considerate of Him, and I appreciate that.

He is also distant and Hidden. He is the Hidden One. I have no icon for Him, no statue, because He doesn’t want one. He is Hidden. Using a physical representation of Him seems, well, weird. But even though I don’t always feel Him around, He’s always there. Sometimes He’s a bit more ‘fatherly’ in His interactions with me, but it’s not common. Usually more when I’m wondering if He’s still around. I think that’s when He’s more Kingly. When we’re together, we’re companions. If that makes any sense at all.

He really is a lovely God, and even though we don’t really interact all that much, the times we do talk are wonderful. I miss Him when He’s not around. I’m glad He turned up. Thanks, Amun. You’re awesome. <3

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  1. I was just looking at the henadology entry on Amun, and it mentioned that he was one of the gods that the poor would pray to for justice and compassion. Certainly not the image we get from the ‘god of state’ write-ups.

  2. @helmsinepu, I hadn’t read about that, but I’m not surprised. Amun definitely seems less Kingly than Amun-Ra. I have a feeling this may be because so many books on the subject talk about Them as if They were the same Deity, and They’re not. You get Amun-Ra, King of the Gods, and every now and then, Amun the Creator. But part of me suspects it’s in Amun’s nature to be humble in that respect and not … clamour for attention. He is the Hidden One. He’s a lot like Sobek in that regard, too. Sobek doesn’t really vie for attention either. He knows who belongs to Him, and that’s enough. He’s quiet like that.

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