30 Days of Sobek Devotion: Day 1 – Basic Introduction

So, it is June 1, and that means it’s only 30 days until the Sobek devotional opens for submissions! This is your ONE MONTH reminder! Get your submissions ready so we can make this thing happen! 😀

All the details are here, please check it out to see what we’re looking for, and if you have any questions or want to run something by me, hit me up at sobekdevotionalATgmail.com tyvm! <3

So, to give you all a bit of inspiration, and to maybe introduce anyone to Sobek who doesn’t know much about Him, June is going to be Sobek Devotional Meme Month, since I am finally tackling that 30 days of deity devotion meme that’s been floating around the place for years now. I’ll post a master list in a while (eta: it is here!), but here’s today’s post, day 1, a basic introduction to Sobek. It summarises some of what I’m going to talk about over the month ahead. Hopefully, these 30 days of posts will give you a deeper insight into Sobek and my relationship with Him, and maybe inspire you to go and meet Him yourself.

  1. A basic introduction of the deity
Carrying Wesir through the Duat. In the Book of the Faiyum, a similar image depicts the symbolic mystical nighttime union of (Sobek-)Ra and Wesir in the Lake.

Sobek is the Egyptian crocodile god of waterways, fertility, the marshes, kingship, strength, and protection. He is a solar god, associated closely with both Ra and Heru, and His most well-known cult centres were Kom Ombo, where He shared a temple with Heru-Wer, and the Faiyum Oasis, where He was known as Sobek Shedety, Heru who Resides in Shedet, which was the biggest city in the oasis.

He is usually depicted as a crocodile sitting on a shrine, a mummified crocodile, or as a crocodile-headed man. I suspect the crocodile-with-hawk/falcon-head is actually a Heru-Sobek thing, but I’ve seen different and conflicting names for it, so idk who it is meant to be.

Sobek’s most common depiction.

His headgear consists of ram horns, and on top of that, double feathers and a solar disk. There are usually two uraei on either side as well. As Sobek Shedety, He is also shown wearing the Double Crown. He is usually shown holding a was sceptre and an ankh, and can be seen with green or brown skin. Modern art is much more variable.

Sobek’s mother is the goddess Nit; His father was not considered important enough to record. UPG from Nit is that Nit is both father and mother of Sobek, given Nit is the Great He-She, being two thirds woman, and one third man. The only named father I’ve been able to find (aside from suggestions that it is Set) is Senwy, the Two Brothers, but this is not consistent. The identification of His father was clearly not important to Sobek’s cult and myths, so I don’t generally worry too much about it. He is usually in triad with Hathor and Khonsu in Kom Ombo, and with Renenutet in the Faiyum.

Most of my focus is on the Faiyum cult, so a lot of what I’ll write for this meme will reflect that. It’s where my interest lies, and what I’ve spent the most time researching. I’ll try to include the other cult centres where possible to give a more rounded view of Him.

My experience of Him is as a quiet, watchful, patient god. I find He’s very crocodilian, so learning about crocodiles and their behaviour is not a terrible way to get to know His personality. I find He is very strong, always there when you need Him, always playing the long game. He doesn’t necessarily show where He’s taking me; often, I can only see the path when I look back once the journey is over. But you could do a lot worse in terms of having a strong, protective god at your side than Sobek.

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Sobek Devotion: Day 1 – Basic Introduction

  1. So this is your first time doing one of these “Months of Devotional thought” (as I call them)? Do you currently plan on doing other such projects in later months to the Deities closely related to Sobek? Or is this a one of?

    Of all the Egyptian Deities, Sobek is the God who always seemed most appealing to me – him and Sekhmet. So it is very interesting to me to have found this blog and learn more about Sobek.

    1. Yeah, I’d wanted to do this for a while, but never got my act together about it until now. I’m not planning to do any more though, not right now. I might do one for Heru at some point, but the motivation’s not there right now to dig through the research at the moment. So consider it a one-off. Glad you like the blog, though, and I hope you find some inspiration to get to know Sobek. He’s a wonderful god. 🙂

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