30 Days of Sobek: Day 8 – Variations on this Deity

According to the LAGG, there is Sobek, Sobek Shedety, and Sobek-Ra, as the three main aspects or forms of Sobek, and I’m inclined to agree. The only other flavour of Sobek I’d add to this list are all the Faiyum crocodile gods (like Soknopaios Nesos) from the Greek period, which are, as far as I know, tiny regional Sobeks, but that’s about all I can tell you about them. There are lists of names, but I’m not sure how they were conceived, whether they were separate gods, or just different names for Sobek in different regions of the Faiyum, and whether they were actually Egyptian in origin, or just a Greek creation.

I came to know Sobek first before any other Sobeks. He didn’t have a particular cult centre. He was just Sobek. I got to know some of the lore about Kom Ombo, because that came up much more often back then than the Faiyum did in terms of places important to Sobek. There was more research for Kom Ombo that was available, so that’s what shaped my understanding of Him.

The double temple always intrigued me, because it didn’t seem to have been done anywhere else in Egypt. Here was this place, with twin temples to Sobek and Heru-Wer, and this was unusual. Given my own weird Sobek-Heru connections, I was drawn to that, though I didn’t make sense of it until much later.

I remember when I first discovered Sobek Shedety was a Thing. I was actually just looking through the LAGG again, in my bid to translate all the epithets (that are available in a Google Books edition, anyway), and for whatever reason, suddenly there were three entries for Sobek, not just Sobek and Sobek-Ra. There was Sobek Shedety as well, and I had never heard about Sobek Shedety. That was what got me looking for more information on Him, and looking more closely at His cult in the Faiyum.

There’s even less research out there about Sobek Shedety, and I was lucky that the only book on His cult was a) in English, b) available to purchase, and c) not stupidly expensive (even though it did cost me around AU$100). But it is an amazing book, and I got so much inspiration from there. It’s become the basis of my Shedety cultus work, because I have no other sources of such depth and breadth to draw on.

The next part of my work is leaning towards the Book of the Faiyum stuff, but that’s even harder to research than Sobek Shedety, so don’t expect much progress on that any time soon. :/

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