30 Days of Sobek: Day 5 – Members of the Family

Sobek has a very small family, relative to other gods in the pantheon, I think. The only family – aside from consorts – Sobek has is Nit, His mother. This is the most common family given to Him. Whatever else He is, He is always son of Nit. You don’t really get one without the other.

His father is occasionally named as Set, or the more vague and unidentifable ‘Senwy’ (the two brothers) but more often his father is not mentioned. My own UPG from Nit is that She Herself is both father and mother to Sobek, that She did not need a father for Him to bring Sobek into the world.

Nit is quite an interesting goddess, though I have had few experiences with Her. She is much like Artemis, being a god of hunting, the bow, and She is a war god. She is also a Creatrix, the mother of crocodiles, and She calls Herself two thirds female, one third male. I often call Her the Great He-She, which I stole from Atum/Tem, though I can’t remember if She was given this epithet historically. She is very much a queer god for me, much like Artemis is.

Nit’s main cult centre was Sais in the Delta, so it’s no surprise that She is so bound up with Sobek in the Faiyum. There, She takes the form of a hippo, and there are images of Her protecting Sobek, who clings to Her back as a crocodile. I suspect that this is the source of misidentified images of Taweret with a crocodile on Her back, that it is really Nit and Sobek (or the constellation Reret).

He has two main consorts given to Him. In Kom Ombo, He is paired with Hetheru and Khonsu in a triad. This isn’t really a triad I work with, though. The Kom Ombo cultus isn’t really my priority, and I don’t really work with Hetheru and Khonsu, or Heru-Wer, if we’re listing all the major Kom Ombo gods.

In the Faiyum, He is paired with Renenutet. Renenutet is a cobra goddess associated with the harvest, protecting the grain stores, and divine nurse. Through this association with grain, She was also called the mother of Wesir as the child Nepri. She was also said to be the mother of Heru through Atum, and this is how She became associated with Aset as Aset-Renenutet, and formed a triad with Sobek, Renenutet, and Heru. This is how Sobek becomes father of Heru and is Heru Himself in the same region. Good work, Faiyum mythology. Good work! My weird celestial twins UPG that reflected this exact same relationship now feels very much like Cosmic-Scale Canon.

I’ve had a few experiences with Renenutet as well, though mostly as Aset-Renenutet. She seems very fiery and protective, I think She takes on some of Aset’s Eye of Ra aspects as Aset-Renenutet. I’m hoping to get to know Her a little more, because She is one of the Faiyum gods most closely associated with Sobek, apart from Nit.

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