30 Days of Sobek: Day 29 – Interesting or Unusual Sobek UPG

I feel like I’ve written so much about my UPG already, both in this series and on my blog in general, so I don’t really know where to start in terms of anything interesting or unusual to share about Sobek that I haven’t written about already.

The Celestial Twins thing is probably the longest, and still the most concrete, piece of UPG I’ve got. It’s … I sort of feel it was Their way of introducing me to the Shedety mythos in a way that made sense to me, and it does reflect a lot of the Shedety stuff in ways I didn’t realise at the time.

Sobek, Renenutet(-Aset) and Heru were definitely a trio, and Sobek and Heru were one and the same god as much as They were different gods. This theme of Sobek being both Heru’s father, and His twin, this is backed up in that UPG in the mythos of Shedet.

I think the only other thing I can think of that might be worth sharing here is the Sobek bullet point list I did over on tumblr yesterday or the day before or something. I don’t often post directly on tumblr, but I did for that, and then didn’t share it here, so that’s something. Copypasting because I am lazy.

Sobek in Bullet Points
So @thetwistedrope asked for a Sobek in bullet points from any devotees, and apparently this is a Thing I had to do, so.

  • quiet, very fkn quiet and sneaky
  • patient af, you will never out-patience Him
  • always keeps His cards close to His chest
  • strong af
  • will kill things with fire if you ask Him to
  • lotsa water
  • sneeky eyes above the water
  • a+ drinking buddy
  • loud, happy, boisterous drunk
  • will love you anyway
  • prowly af
  • lots of smiles
  • lazes around a lot
  • very protective
  • like, super protective
  • gentle, compassionate, kind, loving presence
  • He will test you, but it’s always only what He knows you can do, and He just wants to see you become stronger, better, and more awesome.
  • sometimes He throws you in at the deep end
  • sometimes He’s there to catch you
  • sometimes you have to catch yourself
  • growly, definitely deep rumbly deep in the middle of the earth growly
  • very, very, very ancient

That’s my Sobek, at any rate. Other devotees may agree or disagree, but that’s who He is for me.

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