30 Days of Sobek: Day 28 – Things I Wish I Knew About Sobek

I wish I had more information about His historical cult. I know bits and pieces, but a lot wasn’t preserved, or it’s in a language I can’t read, or shut away behind an unaffordable paywall, or otherwise not available to me. And Sobek gets nowhere near the amount of research interest as Wesir or Aset or Heru or Set or Ra. So if there’s more out there, it’s not even being looked for, because no one’s interested enough to look for it.

I want to know about His major festivals, I want to know the temple calendars, the hymns, the myths, all of it. I want a more complete picture of what His worship was like, so I don’t feel so much like I’m scraping around in the dark for fragments that only paint a fraction of the picture. Because that’s what it feels like I’m doing most of the time. I’ve got fragments and other bits and pieces that don’t quite reveal enough. So a lot of what I do is modern, because what else is there to go on? I can’t practice anything if I just used what’s been left to us.

I wish I had a complete English translation of the Book of the Faiyum. What little I know about it fascinates me, and I’d love to be able to read and study it in its entirety. It feels really important to the cultus I’m building, particularly now that I’ve finished that thesis I was reading a while back about the death of gods in Ancient Egypt. There’s a whole chapter about Ra and one for Heru and one for Wesir and it is all super-interesting, and I want to know more. There’s a lot of Book of the Faiyum stuff in there that I find really, really interesting, but without being able to read it, I’m stuck. Ultimately, I’d love to recreate it, to bring it back to life and fill in the missing pieces. But that’s a lifetime goal that’s nowhere near being completed.

This is a little shorter than I’d have anticipated, but honestly, that’s really about it. That really covers most of my wishlist.

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