30 Days of Sobek: Day 22 – Some writing that resonates strongly with Sobek

This is not as easy as you might imagine to find some sort of quote, poem or other piece of writing that Sobek resonates strongly with. The dearth of material around when I was starting out 17 years ago trained me to write things myself, so I never spent much time looking for devotional things other people had written or other pieces of writing Sobek resonated with. What was the point? There was nothing out there.

Even now, even in the past few years when there are more devotees out there, I haven’t gone collecting material. This is the problem being a writer. I can just write things myself, and not worry so much about trying to find pieces of writing others have written that Sobek resonates with. But then I am His scribe, so He sort of expects me to write for Him. So that’s what I mostly end up doing, rather than looking for what others have written.

Take this as your little divine nudge to write some more things for Him, so it’s not just me turning up in google searches. XD

*does some googling*

Okay, my google-fu must be really bad today, because it’s just my stuff, or academic articles I can’t access. So. I give up trying to find something ~inspirational~. I’ll give you this excerpt from the Hymn to Sobek from the Ramesseum papyrus 6, which I copied from I-forgot-to-copy-the-source-and-didn’t-even-save-it-as-a-bookmark-fuck-sorry. But it was an academic site, maybe a museum site, I remember that much. I will google later to see if I can find it again.

from the Ramesseum papyrus 6, sheet 2:

“Lord of Ahet, rejoicing in His sceptre, Chief in Ta-sety.
Hail to You in Ramuha, in the flood from which You came,
Begetter of the ram in the midst of the pool,
Lord of Thebes, Great in Semenu, the One Who rests in Cynopolis,
Beautiful of coming in Anty, great of appearances in Rawakh,
the son of Neith in Abydos,
…in Iunesha, acclaimed with praise.
(Incense on the flame!)
High be your soul, who presents the God with what He loves!
Raise yourself and fight for your body, so that the God shall exist!
Rutting bull, savage lion, great of strength, beautiful of shape, Ruler of the foreign countries,
Lord of incense in the midst of rituals,
High of heart,
Star which is in the fields,
King Amenemhat has given this Your beautiful face, with which You look at Your mother Neith,
and with which You are gracious to the Gods.
(Incense on the flame!)
This is for Sobek the Shedtite, Horus Who is in Shedet, Lord of myrrh”

There you go. That’s better than nothing. Actually, it was this hymn that I sort of wanted to flesh out and complete for myself, and make it workable, because I really like it. But I haven’t got to that yet, because that’s a lot of hard work I haven’t decided to do yet. But anyway. That’ll do for now. I will now go and write you a thing for Sobek, because that is way more fun than this.

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