30 Days of Sobek: Day 16 – How Sobek represents the values of the Egyptian pantheon

I’m not sure how well I’ll do this with a post-migraine haze brain, but I’ll do my best. Forgive me any inaccuracies. I’m not focusing well today, but I don’t want to fall behind any further by postponing this post till later.

Sobek represents the strength and might of the Nisut. You could say that this is also a representation of his authority and power. It’s a similar kind of thing to how I see Aset, as Aset representing the Throne Herself carries some of those similar connotations, though in a different guise. She was Wesir’s strength when He ruled.

Sobek represents the yearly flooding, as well as the fertility of the land. These were essential to the abundance of the land, and what it could provide for the people. And yet, too much, and it would be destructive, but too little, and nothing would grow.

Crocodiles were also a danger that came with living on the Nile, so a crocodile god was a natural extension of that. And in many ways, Sobek is much more of a crocodile than anything else, so He can be prone to bursts of anger or violence, and this is why He must be pacified.

His anger and violent nature does make Him useful for slaying demons and destroying enemies, though. This is where His protective nature turns up. Get Him on your side, and turn His anger at anyone who might want to harm you. He is very protective of those He cares about, I’ve found, and He won’t abandon you easily. He’s very loyal in that regard. One you’re His, you’re in safe hands. He’ll take care of you.

I also suspect His rampant sexuality makes more sense in historical times than it does now, when childbirth was more dangerous than it is now. So obviously you want gods like Min and Sobek to impregnate all the things to ensure successful reproduction. That just makes sense to me. It’s a little out of place now, though that doesn’t make it irrelevant. People still have problems conceiving for all kinds of reasons, and asking for Sobek-Min’s (yes, that was a Thing) to help doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

I feel like there are others, but my brain is blanking at the moment, so I might just leave this here, and keep on writing the other posts, so I don’t fall behind even more than I have already.

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