30 Days of Sobek: Day 15 – Mundane practices associated with Sobek

Hi, so I just lost a whole day bc of a shitty awful migraine, so I’m a whole day behind. Lucky me! 😀

Anyway. I’m not sure how well to answer this question, I feel like I already did that with the cultural issues one. Certainly, any activity that concerns caring for the things He cares about (water, wetlands, marshes, oceans, fertile land, etc) through collecting rubbish, conserving the environment, etc is going to be good with Him.

He’s a god with strong connections to place and environment, and I’d argue any work you do to care for the land around you or that you live on, particularly if you have water nearby, is going to be good with Him, too.

At the same time, supporting those who are voiceless, who are marginalised, who need the strong to speak for them, to be strong for them, this is also good work. Whether this is physical donations, donations of time, or donations of money, even sharing word of their plights, these are all good things to do for Him.

Any reptile or crocodile sanctuaries would be good places to support, as would any ocean conservation organisations. Clean water organisations, places that care about not poisoning the land. There are many ways that you can support others in ways that He would care about.

As for other practices that aren’t necessarily associated with charity or environmental work, if you are limited in space and/or time, growing a plant for Him on a balcony, tending to it for Him, that could be enough. It really depends on what you have and what you can give.

I write for Him, too. Sobek’s connections with scribes and writing are a little obscure, and migraine-brain has conveniently forgotten them, but they are there. So I write for Him. Myths, rituals, hymns, fiction, whatever I feel called to write. So that’s another way I honour Him through mundane activities.

But then this is also a point on which we argued a lot when He was all, ur gonna be my priest, and we argued about titles. Like, a lot. Because nonbinary and some didn’t really suit me, and I am not the marrying kind. So we settled on hem-netjer, but I’m also His scribe, too, which throws me into the lector priest camp as well. I’m assuming that’ll be the next title He’ll throw at me when He feels it’s time.

I don’t know where this post is going, really. I wasn’t really sure how to answer it, and my brain is still foggy enough that I’m not sure any of this is really answering the question properly, but it is what it is. Maybe I’ll come back to it later when my brain is more focused, and have another go at it then.

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    1. Yeah, they usually do. Thank you. <3 I'm determined to see this through to the end, so I'll keep on posting, even if it's not my best work. Glad you're enjoying them. <3

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