30 Days of Sobek: Day 13 – What modern cultural issues are close to Sobek’s heart?

This is not an easy question to answer, since it’s never been a big part of my relationship with Him. Certainly, He cares a lot about the health of the environment and its waterways and marshlands, fish populations, over-fishing, the status of crocodilian species in the wild and their hunting and conservation and crocodile farming, the health of the ocean, rainfall, those sorts of issues. He’s a very Earth-centred god in that regard. So anything that ties into those places and issues is going to win Him over, if He doesn’t lead you there Himself.

Crocodile farming in particular is something I know He’s brought to my attention, and I know it’s sort of inevitable that one day I will own either some crocodile leather, or a crocodile skull; He’s a very crocodilian god, so having those pieces means a lot to Him, and how I relate to Him. But it’s the ethical sourcing, it’s caring for the bones properly and with the proper respect. To me, it’d be the equivalent of a temple crocodile, living in the sacred lake. It’s a sacred duty to care for the bones of a crocodile, for this Sobek devotee at least, if they ever came into my possession. Which is why I haven’t acquired any yet. I don’t even think I’m up for the task of caring for an open statue, let alone sacred crocodile bones. One day, perhaps, but not now.

But in my own personal experience, I know He also cares a lot about the marginalised and those who need the oases to survive. He is strong for those who cannot be strong, He gives boats to the boatless, He offers protection to anyone who needs it. And yes, in this He is a very queer-friendly god. His mother is queer enough Herself, so of course Sobek is, too, in His own way.

I suspect He also cares a lot for refugees and those fleeing persecution and oppression. Those who cross His waterways and don’t make it to the other side. I have A Lot Of Thoughts about Heru and Aset and Sobek and how They know better than most gods about what it is to be a refugee is a post for another time, but it’s something Sobek reminds me of often. It’s okay, They’ve lived in exile before, They can survive outside Egypt. And perhaps this is why They persist so well in other lands, how They have learnt to adapt to other places. But that is where my head is in that regard, and I will go think some more on it, and maybe post about it later, outside of this 30 days meme framework, so it gets a better attempt than this.

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Sobek: Day 13 – What modern cultural issues are close to Sobek’s heart?

  1. I really love the idea of a God being there for people who need an oases to survive. I’m disabled and getting pretty interested in disability theory and it is kind of screwed up how much eugenics still influences modern culture and how we see health and ability. Those who have vulnerabilities are not cherished as delicate lights in this world but as a burden and waste of resources.

    1. Yeah, I think traditionally, oases were given to Set because they were marginal places outside the fertile Nile region and therefore foreign places, but I see them as being connected to Sobek, too, because of His assocations with water and the fertility of the land. Little pieces of all the things you need to surive in a hostile place, whether that’s an actual desert, or a metaphorical one. Set is also good with marginalised folks, too, but I know He isn’t for everyone, so if Sobek connects more than Set, by all means, embrace it and see where it takes you. I’m sure He’d love to help support you if that’s a relationship you want to begin nurturing. <3

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