30 Days of Sobek: Day 10 – Offerings! (historical and UPG)

So, today we are going to talk about offerings! Knowing what to offer is an important part of getting to know a god, and as modern devotees, we’re adding to the standard lists from antiquity with our own set of things the gods like.

As far as offerings go, I’ve generally found Him to be pretty accommodating. If you like it, He probably will, too. He takes joy in what you take joy in, so if there’s something you like that you want to offer, offer it.

Historically speaking, I haven’t found anything unusual in His documented offerings, except for the usual bread, beer, water, meat, etc, that pretty much every god received every day. Egyptian temple offerings were pretty standard in this regard, so you can’t go wrong with bread and water in a pinch.

I’d argue jewellery would also be a good, historically-attested offering, given the temple crocodiles that lived in the sacred lakes, and who were adorned with gold and jewels. Carnelian would be the go-to stone; His temple in Bakhu is made of carnelian, but I’ve also found He likes green stones, lapis lazuli, goldstone and blue goldstone, sunstone, and obsidian. Gold would be appropriate for His solar energies, whereas silver would work for His nighttime lunar energies.

I would like to point out that as one of His epithets is Lord of Myrrh, myrrh would make for a great offering for Him. He also likes frankincense. But then, as He Who Rejoices In The Incense, any incense offerings would be fine. I suggest an ‘offer your favourite’ approach here as well, though I’ve had success with woody and earthy scents over more floral scents.

My list of UPG offerings includes both things I’ve offered, and things I get a sense He would like (but that I don’t offer):

  • green things (any green things, He’s not fussy)
  • shiny things (jewellery, stones, anything shiny)
  • chicken and fish (these are things crocodiles eat, so)
  • spicy dishes (not necessarily just chilli, but anything with a good dose of North African spices, particularly spicy meat dishes)
  • strong spirits (rum and Midori have been popular choices with Him)
  • strong beer (I don’t drink beer, but if you do, He would happily have a beer with you!)
  • art (paint, draw, collage, sculpt, etc)
  • writing (hymns, personal stories, fiction, scholarly work, whatever)
  • images that remind you of Him (historical, upg, pop culture, etc)
  • time, and by time I mean, do things together! I’ve taken Him to metal concerts, played video games with Him, gone for walks together, etc.
  • If you want to offer more than just bread, find or make some (Egyptian) dukkah, get yourself some Turkish bread, and some good olive oil, and offer that together. He likes those flavours, and I’m sure you will too.
  • milk, plain or mixed with honey or other things
  • crocodiles and crocodile things (images, skin, teeth, statues, figures, postcards, etc)

That list ought to get you started. I’m sure His other devotees can add more things to that list, and I’d love to hear from them! Tell me what you offer Him, and what He likes!

And because today is Offerings day, and it is Day 10, if you don’t know Sobek but you’d like do, perhaps today is the day to make an offering to Him and get to know Him. Use an image of a crocodile if you have nothing else, add a candle and incense, and offer Him something you love, and see what happens. I wish you all the best, and much peace and love from Him if you begin to build a relationship with Him!

One thought on “30 Days of Sobek: Day 10 – Offerings! (historical and UPG)

  1. I’m so happy to find this website! The other night, apropos of nothing, I had a dream in which I saw the word SOBEK in huge letters and some voice told me to find “the green egyptian god” and shamefully, I forgot about it for a couple nights…until, naturally, I remembered it while in the shower. Now I am doing everything I can to learn about him. I recently meditated with a entity that opens you up to hearing messages from the astral realm (or spiritual realm or whatever you would like). I think I will do exactly what you say and leave him an offering. I hope he likes a nice roasted chicken leg. 🙂 Hopefully I will be hearing from him again soon! I have bookmarked this website!

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