30 Days for Sobek: Day 14 – How Sobek’s worship has changed in modern times

And here’s your second bonus post because tomorrow is going to be hectic, and I don’t want to forget to post this one. We’re nearly at the halfway mark, which means it’s just over two weeks until the Sobek devotional opens for submissions! I hope you’ve got some things ready to send me! 😀

I suspect it has changed a lot in modern times, but then I suspect this is true of all gods worshipped now. I don’t know how much other devotees veer from the historical; my experience with Sobek devotees is that we’re more solitary than not, so, ymmv, and I would love to hear from other devotees about their practice.

I tend more towards the historical methodologies and ritual structures when I approach His worship, but I never feel like I can’t improvise either and create something modern if I need it. But then there are a lot of gaps in His history and cult worship, so if you don’t make something up, or hack the old material we do have, there’s not much left to work with. So changes are a necessity in modern times.

Even the fact that the societies we work in, we worship in, are completely different. There are no temples, no temple staff, no opened statues, no villages and cities and towns feeding the temples and their priests. All this has changed. It’s not there anymore. It’s just us, with our tiny shrines, and our priesthoods-of-one, doing what we can, and giving what we have, to Sobek. It’s a pittance to what They used to have, but it’s better than nothing.

And of course we rebuild Sobek in different ways, depending on what we resonate with. And some of us resonate with Sobek-Ra, and some of us resonate with Sobek Shedety, and some of us just resonate with Sobek, in whatever form He comes in. And how we see Him, too, will change. But that’s okay. He’s big enough to take it all in His stride.

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