A Zep Tepi for Per Sebek

Some might think it’s rash to just up and leave a blog I’ve tended for 12 years to start again with nothing. But sometimes that’s the best option to do. That part of my path is over, and I have a beautiful record of everything I experienced, wrote, created, and shared with everyone I met along the way. I’ll keep maintaining it, because it’s become an invaluable resource, and I have no interest in taking that away.

But as I’m nearing a year back in the House of Netjer and Kemetic Orthodoxy, the time’s come to start again. The old site just wasn’t where I am anymore. It’s not me. Not what I’m being called to do now. And there comes a point where rewriting what you already have is just not the way to go, so you need to burn it all down and start again.

I’m still incredibly proud of that old site, though. I always hoped people would take the rituals I wrote there and not just share them, but use them. And they did! I can’t tell you how touched I am by that. To hear from people who’ve used my rituals and got results from them. That makes it all worth the effort. That’s also why the old site is not going anywhere. It’s important, not just to me, but to other people. It became the kind of valuable resource I hardly conceived of when I first started that blog in 2009.

But like when you write in the last page of your old Book of Shadows, and have to start a new book, so it is here. I’ve written the last page of that chapter of Per Sebek, and now I have a fresh, new book to start writing in. And I’m so excited to create something new here. I have so many ideas for what I want to put here. I have so many more resources for academic research that I didn’t have before that I want to make good use of. I want to create new rituals and new pieces of heka to put here. New writings, new myths, new things that reflect where I am now.

All paths lead home. That was the oracle card I got in a package recently. And I’m back home again. My practice is different now. And I’m not practicing alone anymore. I’m not the only Sobek kid. I’ve changed so much since I was last a Shemsu, and it’s all for the better. And I will have more reflections on that return, and that zep tepi as a shemsu. But for now, it’s a new beginning, with nothing to start with, and so much potential.

It’s Aset Webenut/Aset Luminous tomorrow. I’m planning to make boats, and float them, and make offerings, and give thanks for the old site, and how much light it brought to those who needed it. I hope to continue shining that light for people here as well. May you find what you need here. <3