Sekhmet Nesret’s year

The God over the year for this past Kemetic year has been Sekhmet Nesret, which seemed to be appropriate for a plague year tbh. As Wep Ronpet approaches, I’ve been thinking about how far I’ve come, and how many changes have happened in my life since then. More than I initially thought, tbh. Returning to the House of Netjer was a big one, but really just the beginning. Going through the Beginner’s Class again, and relearning this religion again, was a revelation. It’s become clear to me that I just wasn’t ready back when I was first in the House. This past decade of wandering has been leading me to this path again, to returning home. I find it fitting that the oracle card I got in a recent witchy mystery parcel was one that said, All Paths Lead Home (from the Starseed Oracle). That’s very much been my theme for this year ngl.

I burnt out halfway through second semester last year. Partly my fault for not listening to my body when I should have rested. But I persisted anyway. And I think the past six months have been very restorative for me and placed me in a better position to succeed this time around. Especially since I stopped drinking coffee in March after the worst 3 day migraine I’ve ever had. It felt like detoxing, resetting my system, a smol mini-death to change things I didn’t otherwise have the power/motivation/energy to change. I still sort of feel like I’m still processing all of that. My brain definitely took a couple of months to settle and stop worrying that migraines were just around the corner.

I’ve been looking into my health as well, and seeking out a hEDS diagnosis. I’m at the stage now where I just want to know, so I can then plan around it, and work on my joints from there. So I’m working on that. All part of knowing yourself, really, tbh.

Getting my working altar set up properly has also been very productive. I think the migraines were definitely getting in the way of me sensing energy bc I can feel stuff now. It’s not constant, and it’s nothing more than a feeling rn, but it’s definitely something. I’ve been doing some spellwork and figuring out finally what I’ve been wanting my witchcraft to look like. What I want is a Kemetic magical practice with modern witchcraft techniques as well as heka. Something that’s instinctive, but also works. And I’ve never found anyone doing it the way I want to do it, so I’m just doing it myself. I may write up some of my workings on here once they’ve done their job, just to give you an idea of how I’m doing things now.

There’s definitely other things too, I think, but I don’t have the words yet, or can’t share them bc oathbound, but it’s been an interesting year, and I’m hoping for a slightly calmer year to come. I’ll be thinking about this some more as I prepare for Wep Ronpet and may share more of my reflections in the future. But I’m glad I had these changes, bc my life is so different even from back in October. I don’t recognise myself back then, and can’t go back anyway. This is me now, and I’m glad for it. It’s hard burning away what needs to be left behind, but sometimes necessary, and now I can focus on healing and growing and continuing to become.