The 108 Prayers Project

So I’m currently working through the Rituals for Transformation book at the moment as part of a lot of transformation and change work I’ve been doing this year, and while I’m not going to share the journalling work, I am, for some daft reason, writing a prayer/hymn/etc for each day. And for some other daft […]

Sobek Rosary – coming soon!

So I was asked a while ago about whether I might ever sell prayer beads with set prayers, and my brain decided this was a challenge I needed to meet. The prayer itself was drafted over a couple of days, and the beads took one afternoon to string together, once I had the pattern. The […]

Trans Day of Remembrance 2015

// Water, that they may be cooled. Incense, that they may be bathed in the scent of the gods. Flame, that the way may be lit for them. May the gods and honoured ancestors lift them up, May Seshat record their names. May they rise to the heavens in peace. May they be given a […]