My Ritual Books

So I originally posted this over on my Dreamwidth journal, just to get it all down, and now I’m posting it here, with a lot more formatting and organisation so it doesn’t just read like a rambly rambly mess about books with a bunch of pictures and videos in it. That, and I missed a […]

This is my Isis

So I want to talk about Isis, and this particular image of Isis, and why it means so much to me to own this statue at last. Because I finally had the money for it, and I finally found somewhere in Australia to buy it online from, and She arrived today, and I can’t tell […]

C is for Celestial Twins

Or, On the Matter of Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset (and Aset). For the most part. XD …I hesitated in picking this topic for this week, because explaining my epic UPG to people is always a bit weird for me and I don’t normally do it. I haven’t really done it at all since it was revealed […]