A Hymn to Sobek, Lord of Flowers

I sing now of Sobek, Lord of Flowers, Lord of the Incense in the Midst of Ritual, Lord of Myrrh, who delights in perfume, Who delights in flowers upon the altar, roses, jasmine, lotus, and sandalwood, Sweet Lord, Lord of Love, whose beauty is seen in dewy grass on a cold winter morning, in the […]

The 108 Prayers Project

So I’m currently working through the Rituals for Transformation book at the moment as part of a lot of transformation and change work I’ve been doing this year, and while I’m not going to share the journalling work, I am, for some daft reason, writing a prayer/hymn/etc for each day. And for some other daft […]

30 Days of Sobek: Day 22 – Some writing that resonates strongly with Sobek

This is not as easy as you might imagine to find some sort of quote, poem or other piece of writing that Sobek resonates strongly with. The dearth of material around when I was starting out 17 years ago trained me to write things myself, so I never spent much time looking for devotional things […]

Coronation of Heru-sa-Aset Day 1: Triumph Over Set

Welcome, Great Falcon! Welcome in peace! Welcome in triumph! Welcome to You, Mighty One, Who seizes His birthright from the rebel! Come in peace, King of Kings, The Two Lands are Yours. Son of Aset, who rages because of Wesir, You have driven the rebel from the Two Lands, and overthrown the rebels who stand […]

Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice, everyone! I hope your rituals and celebrations have been going well, if you’ve been planning them. I hope you northern hemisphere types aren’t burning up under the power of the sun. Can you send some down here? It’s been horrid today. I’m doing final preparations for my ritual tonight. It’s been wet and […]

Happy Birthday, Sobek! :D

Just did a simple rite for Him this evening, though it was later than I had planned for, due to unexpected relatives dropping by (at some point unknown!) and I didn’t want to be interrupted. I kinda hoped all they wanted to do was drop something off and then leave, which they did, but I […]

Hymns for Sobek and Heru

I’ve started keeping a little 6inx8in sketchbook as a devotional art/prayer book thing for Heru and Sobek. It’s a smaller Strathmore journal, like the one I’m using for my epic big calendar thing, though it’s just bog standard sketching paper rather than Bristol board. I picked it over other journals because the cover has a […]