A Hymn to Sobek, Lord of Flowers

I sing now of Sobek, Lord of Flowers,
Lord of the Incense in the Midst of Ritual,
Lord of Myrrh, who delights in perfume,
Who delights in flowers upon the altar,
roses, jasmine, lotus, and sandalwood,
Sweet Lord, Lord of Love,
whose beauty is seen in dewy grass
on a cold winter morning,
in the winter sunlight, where dawn
brings that particular shade of light,
for Sobek, rising like Ra out of the
freshwater lakes, the pure clean waters,
crowned with flowers and green leaves,
Lord of Purification, make me pure,
May I be bathed in Your scent, O Sobek,
Bathe me in flowers, in incense, in Your waters,
Let me lay flowers at Your feet,
Tie them to Your pure clothing,
Crown You in beauty,
Put Your precious oils on Your skin,
Making You pure and radiant,
Lord of Flowers,
Who comes to me in gentle showers of rain,
and soft wispy clouds,
the wind that follows you down a path,
so you are never alone,
dancing around your feet,
He who makes the herbage green
after winter rainstorms,
bringing life to the soil,
bringing forth flowers from the ground,
reflections of Your beauty, O Lord,
You are the oasis lake,
fresh sea breezes that take the summer heat away,
big shady trees that give shelter and shade,
that cool air that touches your skin,
brings relief from the heat,
even though He is present
in that bright blue sky
that only comes when it’s hot,
watching down as He watches over,
fire hitting water,
be purified, O Lord,
as I bring these flowers,
and rest them at Your feet,
Your perfume fills me,
surrounds me,
as these flowers surround me,
basking in Your radiance,
on the rain that falls on parched ground,
the cool autumn air beckoning,
as the heat of summer retreats,
as Heru-sa-Aset retreats,
It is the season of Sobek,
the dark half of the year,
and the half that brings flowers,
brings life,
makes the land green and growing,
The time of Sobek, Lord of Flowers,
Lord of the Floods, Lord of Green Growing Things,
The beautiful calf before the flood,
who makes the land fertile,
whose scent radiates through the air,
in the presence of flowers,
of incense, of perfume,
Sobek, I honour You,
Lord of Flowers,
Beautiful God,
who basks on the river bank,
covered in glory,
and crowned with radiance,
flowers marking Your presence
with their beautiful perfume.
Hail to Sobek, Lord of Flowers!