Wep Ronpet, Year 29, and a new Decade

My Senut shrine set up for year 29. The candles on the outer edge next to Heru-sa and Wepwawet are for Anhur-Shu, the God Upon The Year (left) and the Wandering Eye (right).

I had planned to do a post on Wep Ronpet on the 6th, once it had all calmed down, but it hit right at the start of my work days, and so it didn’t happen. And then I kept delaying and got Busy with other things, so I’m only now getting around to it. I don’t think it’s a big problem though, as it’s given me some time to pause and reflect on the Year 29 Aset Oracle, and make some plans for where things are going.

Anhur-Shu is the God over Year 29, and I’ve already had some very cool experiences with Him. He seems very keen to get to know me, and walk with me this year. After all, that’s what the oracle is all about. The Return of the Distant Goddess is very much present this year, and the work that wasn’t done lsat year needs doing this year. We walk with Anhur to find the Wandering Eye and bring Her back. The colours for the year are white and gold, hence the new shrine decorations. I feel it’s as complete as it’s going to get right now, save for the white lion figurine I have coming to represent Anhur-Shu.

Ra has also been around a bit. Aset did say Djehuty and Ra would be around too, and to ask for Their help. I’ve not had any experiences with Ra before, but the first time, it was when He was accompanying me to the shops to get offerings for Wep Ronpet, and He urged me not to take my music like I usually do, but to listen to the sounds of the earth. He would cover my ears for me instead so I didn’t get overwhelmed as He walked behind me.

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