Shrine to Sebek

Welcome In Peace to the shrine. Please enter with good intentions and leave your prayers in His hands.

Empty your mind, prepare to enter sacred space, and come before Sebek’s Shrine

Greetings to You,
Sebek from Crocodilopolis
Ra, Heru, Powerful God.
Greetings to You,
Sebek from Crocodilopolis.
Greetings to You who comes from the original waters,
Heru, Master of Kemet,
Bull of the Bulls,
Great Male Being,
Master of the Floating Islands
(Morning greeting to Sebek)


Feel free to leave your prayers in the comments below, and to Sobek be it!

(ETA 2/3/16: nshrine is closing down, and I’ll be reworking this a bit because of that. For now, leave your prayers below, if you wis to record them. May Sobek bless you. <3)

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  1. The nshrine link is down, but I am lighting a candle in my home, and offering that candle here too. Praise to Sobek!

    1. Thanks for letting me know about nshrine, it seems they’re closing down, so I’ll have to remove the links. I was planning to redo the shrine anyway, so at least this is a good reason to do so. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hail Sobek, wondrous God!
    He showers kind blessings upon me,
    He lifts me up,
    He empowers me to do my duties;
    He is strength and rage to His enemies,
    His roar is that before which all men bow;
    He is nurturing Mother to His chicks,
    He is virile Father, Procreator,
    All holy animals, Lion and Bull,
    Crocodile from Whose mouth the waters flow;
    He is birth and rebirth
    And succor for the dying,
    He is the turning of the whole world in its seasons,
    The rising from and returning to the waves.
    He does not come with rule of Man,
    But with the gift of primal joy;
    He does not come to bend, to break, to stoop to the triflings of humans,
    But to kindle the feral fire within the breast.
    He comes to roar, to sport, to spill blood and seed and life-giving rain;
    He comes to waken up the soul!
    He shakes off the tired chains of Man!
    He devours the petty, the civil, the small,
    The fears and neuroses of Man!
    All is as nothing against the flow of His power,
    The river that rushes endlessly,
    Shaping the land to His Will, His image,
    Everything green rising anew.
    We are free and alive in His primal breast!
    We are His seed poured forth to dance!
    We thrive and shall not fear,
    For the Lord of Fear has eaten fear itself,
    And we shelter as hatchlings in His nest,
    While good sweet things are brought to us on the river,
    And His face turns to us as the sun.
    Hail Sobek, wondrous God,
    Whose blessings multiply without end!

    (Stream of consciousness, this was meant to be just a little thing, but it kept flowing…)

  3. Sebek keeper of the gates I give you honor and ask you to open up a path of success and give me strength to hold fast until you do

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