Shrine to Sebek

Welcome In Peace to the shrine. Please enter with good intentions and leave your prayers in His hands.

Empty your mind, prepare to enter sacred space, and come before Sebek’s Shrine

Greetings to You,
Sebek from Crocodilopolis
Ra, Heru, Powerful God.
Greetings to You,
Sebek from Crocodilopolis.
Greetings to You who comes from the original waters,
Heru, Master of Kemet,
Bull of the Bulls,
Great Male Being,
Master of the Floating Islands
(Morning greeting to Sebek)


Feel free to leave your prayers in the comments below, and to Sobek be it!

(ETA 2/3/16: nshrine is closing down, and I’ll be reworking this a bit because of that. For now, leave your prayers below, if you wis to record them. May Sobek bless you. <3)

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