Morning Hymn to Djehuty

Awakening Prayer for Djehuty
by Sobekemiti, 5/8/2003

Hail to thee, Great Djehuty!
Ra rises in the East to greet You
Hail, Djehuty, scribe of the Heavens!
You, creator of language
He who gave words to the people
Rise, awaken, wise one, and greet the day
Dawn is upon us, Ra rises triumphant once more.
You, who inspires me to write,
You, who created the chemistry of life,
Lord Djehuty, scribe, creator, alchemist,
One who forged the world out of barren waters,
Wise one who taught the sacred maths and sciences to the pyramid builders,
You, who inspires the words that I write and speak,
Inspire me, Great Djehuty, this fine day.
Hail and welcome, Lord Djehuty,
Awake in peace, oh wise one,
Awake in peace,
May You be with me,
May I be with You,
Awake in peace, Djehuty,
And rise to greet the day.

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