Morning Hymn to Amun

Morning Hymn to Amun
by Sobekemiti, 6/9/2011

Hail Amun, Dark Face of Ra
You who exists beyond comprehension
From the waters of Nun,
You create the world.
Born of Sobek-Tem-Nit
The Rager, the Great He-She,
The Mother-Father of the Universe
Ra rises in glorious brilliance,
The darkness of night defeated once more.
Hail Amun, Dark Side of the Sun,
You whose face is hidden,
You rise, Great of Power,
You rise in triumph.
Great Cosmic Creator
First-Born of the Gods
Hail Amun, rise in peace,
Ra rises, His rays diffuse Your true form,
You are the dark face of the eclipse,
Bright shining, and hidden in darkness,
Known, unknown, visible, and unknowable.
Hail Amun, Great and Good King,
He who listens in silence, whose ears are large,
He whose mercy is abundant.
Greetings to You, the dark face of Ra,
May You bless me as I bless You,
May You greet me as I greet You,
Forever rise in peace, dear Amun,
Rise, Rise in peace,
Great Amun, the dark side of the Sun.

The phrase ‘dark side of the sun’ got stuck in my head, and this came from that idea. Like an eclipse. That sort of thing. Yeah.

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