Hymn to Sobek as the Evening Star

A Hymn to the Evening Star
by Sobekemiti, 27/6/13

Hail to the Evening Star,
Sobek, Lord of Bakhu,
Wanderer, Mysterious One,
You navigate the waters like no other,
Carrying Wesir safely on Your back as the Night Boat.
Protect Him, Great One, from the terrors of the Duat.
Shine, Bright One, and illuminate the darkness.
Bring to us now His beautiful face,
Bathe Him in Ra’s golden light.
Great Crocodile, who comes forth from the marshes,
Let me see Your face,
Let me bathe in Your radiance,
Let me sing praises to You who carries Wesir as the Night Boat.

Based on headcanon, associating Sobek as the Western horizon/western star/evening star/dusk/night boat. UPG; Associations with Heruakhety, Temu-Ra, Wesir, etc. Meant to be used with Heru’s Morning Star hymn.

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