Hymn to Aset: The Goddess Sings, I Sing…

The Goddess Sings, I Sing…
by Sobekemiti, 5/10/2004

Great Aset,
You sing to me as a sleepy child,
Lulling me into Your arms,
I feel You beside me,
behind my head,
Your glorious wings protecting me.

I sing the tunes in my head,
sometimes I wonder what You like,
But, then, I hear You humming to me,
And I know that it doesn’t matter.

I sing for You,
I would dance for You,
You fill me with great joy,
My heart sings it’s own song,
And I hear You singing me to sleep.

May You always be with me,
May I always be with You,
May we always sing to each other,
The sweet songs or our hearts.

0 thoughts on “Hymn to Aset: The Goddess Sings, I Sing…

  1. Greetings!
    I’m a long-time invisible lurker on your journal =)
    Today I suddenly was in the mood to make some poetic translations of your devotional poetry into Russian.
    I’m a poet and writer myself, so it’s not a google-like word-by-word dictionary translation, but an attempt from a fellow poet to express the beauty of your words and feelings in my language.
    Hope you appreciate my translations.

    This is your hymn to Aset:
    and this is your morning hymn to Bast:

    I’m still working with morning hymn to Djehuty, it’s a first time I poetically translate a hymn to Him from another language… however I wrote many hymns to him in Russian before, making someone else’s words to sound as good as in the original, is not very easy. And I feel very big responsibility… But it’s my today’s work for Him 🙂
    So, this translation is in beta stage, and may be changed later.

    ~ with peace and respect
    Tatiana (In-Taier)

    1. Wow, that’s really cool. I wish I could appreciate your translations, as I don’t know Russian myself, but I’m more than happy for you to translate any of my rites and hymns. I like the thought that my words are now available to people who don’t speak English. 🙂

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