Prayers and Hymns

I’ve gathered quite a lot of handwritten prayers now, and I decided it was time to rejig this part of the site and organise it better. I have many prayers for Sobek, and Aset, as well as a few other prayers that have snuck in to the mix as I’ve been going along and compiling devotional material. This section will be sorted by deity, and with a separate section for Awakening prayers, as I have quite a few of those now. Probably should reorganise it so there is only one prayer per page, even if it’s more work than I’d like. But if it’s good enough for the adorations, it’s good enough for the prayers.

At the moment, I have prayers for the following Netjeru:

  • Sobek
  • Aset
  • Djehuty
  • Bast
  • Amun
  • Sobek and Heru-sa-Aset as the Celestial Twins (UPG)
  • Kheper-Ra as the dawning Sun
  • Hekate

More will be added as I write them.

Generally, you may use any of my hymns or prayers for your own private devotions, but please do not reproduce them anywhere else without attribution and without asking me first, please.

The only exception to this is my invocation to Hekate, which was an offering given to Her as part of my membership application to join the Covenant of Hekate. Please do not use or adapt without permission.

If you would like to publish any of my work elsewhere, contact me by email at


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