Monthly and Seasonal Wheel of the Year

So I wanted to make a proper page for my current Wheel of the Year, which is my basis for my festival calendar at the moment. It’s a mix of Kemetic and Kemetic-style Druidic rites, and my monthly cycle is based around Hekate’s festivals. So it’s something of a syncretic mess, but it works for me.

It’s not finished yet, but I don’t want to leave the edit page open for hours, so I’ll post what I’ve got and come back later tonight to finish it off.

Daily Cycle:

Morning: The Ritual to the Morning Star for Heru

Evening: The Ritual to the Evening Star for Sobek

These daily devotions are designed to mark the cyclical passage of the sun through the sky and the Duat. Heru is the Day Boat, carrying Ra into the sky, and Sobek is the Night Boat, carrying Wesir safely through the Duat. This is kind of where the Sobek/Wesir/Ra/Heru syncretisations get quite complicated. I mean, Sobek-Ra-Harakhty was A Thing, so.

The rituals are short, but my standard for daily devotions is short, simple, able to be memorised, and can be done when I’m half asleep and in my pyjamas. Which is why the wording changes very little between the two rites so there’s less to memorise. It works well, though, and as a short libation rite, it still feels like a temple rite, just one pared down for someone who doesn’t have a temple. It’s my compromise between the structure of temple rituals, and my disinclination to tend to a temple cult and open statues because who has the time for that I mean really? That’s too much responsibility for me, nothankyouverymuch. Particularly because I can’t give Them a separate room where I have a chance of adhering to some semblance of ritual purity. Though, IDK, ask me in five years, that may have changed.

Monthly Cycle:


New Moon –┬áNoumenia – rites for Hekate

Six Days after Noumenia – 6th Day Festival – akhu/ancestor festival

First Quarter Moon – offerings for Isis

Full Moon – rites for Artemis

Last Quarter Moon – offerings for Nit

Dark Moon – Deipnon – shrine maintenance.

I still haven’t really figured out a good deipnon practice, other than cleaning my shrines, so I might just keep it that way for now, until I think of something better that resonates with me.

I also took out the monthly h├║sel rites for the Saxon gods, because they kept clashing with me having migraines, and I decided what I needed to do was sit down and work out the best way to honour them on a monthly basis, and what to offer that wasn’t dependent on alcohol. Which, I mean, I like rum, and I like offering it to the gods, but some days I’m just not into it. So we need to find other things. The rites may go back the way they were if I can find a good selection of things to offer Them so I don’t feel so dependent on offering rum all the time. Which I still don’t mind doing, but I’d like some other options to play with first.


Wheel of the Year:



Jan 26-Feb 1 – Wep Ronpet (Kemetic festival)


March 20 – Autumn Equinox (Druidic Rite)


May 1 – May 8 – Mysteries of Wesir (Kemetic festival)


June 21 – Winter Solstice (Druidic Rite)


July 26 – August 1 – Feast of Zep Tepi (Kemetic festival) *


September 20 – Spring Equinox (Druidic rite)


Oct 31 – Nov 5 – Coronation of Heru-sa-Aset ((modern) Kemetic festival) **


Dec 21 – Summer Solstice (Druidic rite)




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