Myths and Stories

I’ve been getting Nudges about writing myths about Sobek, and some of the other Gods I work with, so this is where they’re all going.

Usual caveat that these are not intended to be The One And Final Truth about these stories. They’re drawing on my own UPG and what Sobek wants me to write, and while they’re true for me, they might not be true for you. But this is what He wants me to do, to share myths and stories about Him, and I share them here for your enjoyment.

Current Myths:
Birth of a Crocodile God
Sobek Shedety, Who Rises Like Ra
Birth of the Celestial Twins
To Bring Forth A King
On the Birth of the Son of Wesir
Exile In The Desert
Something I’m Not

Planned list of myths I need to write:
– Sobek Doing Things, and Aset being Awesome, all the way through Heru’s childhood to when He confronts Set and takes the throne, with Sobek by His side. (It’s a bit UPG. Sorry about that.)(But it will be long. And Epic!)
– Something about the whole ‘Queen of Heaven, Star of the Sea’ thing that keeps bothering me.
– Something about the Horned Goddess and the Wild Godde, and the monsters of the forest.
– I feel like I should write something about the Mousai Titanides, though I don’t know what.
– moar myths about Sobek
– myth regarding Amun-Nit-Temu and Creation.

Pencil in whatever else the Gods wish me to write. There may also be potentially not!myth things? But I’m still in the process of figuring out myth, not!myth, and fanfiction, and precisely how bendy and translucent those lines are. I’ll get back to you when I have a better idea.

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